Cruciferous Extracts

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  • Fabulous!, (WLJ2 SC)

    Easiest way to get all our cruciferous veggies! Thank you again Andrew! You and your products are awesome!

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    I have only been taking these for a short time along with the green foods complex that so I dont know if I see a real difference except perhaps for better elimination. I do eat and love fresh vegetables but probably not in sufficient amounts that I can get in these supplements. In addition, fresh veggies go bad so fast in the refrigerator so I thought Id add these to my vitamin regimen. I trust Andrew because of his integrity so Im sure these are everything he says they are.

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  • HEALTHY PURCHASE, (hopeful51 PA)

    For years now, 90% of my HSN bill is always Andrew Lessman vitamins as I continue my efforts to take care of myself. Liking the new powder form of the Cruciferous as, honestly, I sometimes get tired of taking so many capsules. Before this, I would open up the Cruciferous capsule or the Fruitful capsule and put it in my water bottle along with my collagen and glucosamine/chondroitin before I head out for a walk. Much easier now to get my greens in, and a good value.

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  • A great way to get my greens!, (biljomeljo KY)

    These sure keep you regular and therefore gives you more energy! Great product for people like me that dont eat enough greens.

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  • Excellent product, (jj1223 PA)

    Any doctor or research will tell you most dont eat enough greens in a day. In order to eat the right amount, you have to eat bushels and no one does that. I started with this during Covid. Greens are essential for your immune system. Between the immune support and the cruciferous veggies I remained healthy and vax free. Love Procap vitamins

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  • When you need vegetables, (Firesightee MI)

    You need this capsule. I never experience any gas from this or upset stomach. I like taking this with dinner. I don't always eat vegetables aside from a salad whenever possible so this makes me have peace of mind that my cells aren't being deprived of the most basic nutrients my cells are designed to require and nurture into necessary energy and storage. Andrew did the hard work so I don't have to cook veggies at home. Thanks Andrew!

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  • Love the cruciferous extract., (Spike-1952 NM)

    I take the cruciferous extracts and I give it to my 12 year old German Shepherd. We both feel very healthy. Thank You Andrew!!

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  • These are a must have for me. , (WanderLustGal CA)

    Ive been taking these for about 2 years and when Im out of them my immune system definitely takes a hit & Im much more susceptible to getting sick. No nasty side effects or after taste. Highly recommended!!

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  • Great find, (whisperingshado PA)

    Easy to swallow , good value

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  • My green veggie substitute, (gami007 CA)

    Unfortunately my mother never taught me to eat my veggies...I know, for good health, I need them in my diet

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  • Cruciferous vegetable, (snowwhite1955 AZ)

    Andrew I dont buy from anyone but you ..I can trust in the product

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  • livesaver, (wapart4 OH)

    Easy to take daily, along with Fruits and Fibermucil, we are sure to get our daily in take. I put mine in my smoothie, Secure and Whey isolate Protein I get from Andrew, long time fan of Andrews products and I feel good, My husband, cancer survivor also takes fruits & veggies & green food complex, Fibermucil, works for him. We are pleased.

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  • Everything I wanted, (Jodee34 PA)

    This product is fantastic. Sadly I am not a huge fan of vegetables so this supplement does the trick for me. Can't be without it.

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  • Cruciferous vegetable extract , (Kissyofhoney MI)

    I love this product, I was sick and could only drink liquids so I opened two capsules and added them to my liquid vegetable drink and my iron went up. I suffered from low iron. NOT ANY MORE, THANK YOU Andrew

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