Cruciferous Vegetable Extracts - 30 Capsules

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  • POWDER Not capsules as in previous purchase, (healthyliving5 NJ)

    I was happy to see this as a monthly special again. The last time I ordered this it was in a capsule form. I was happy since if green vegetables were low in the daily diet, I felt a good way to supplement. I did not realize the product changed to just a loose powder. This is not what I expected and in reading other reviews seems I wasn't the only one. Sorry I do not have a use for this and returned. I hope to see the capsules again! I buy Andrews vitamins and MANY of them. First return!

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  • Great, (Vickie2690 AL)

    I was looking for a way to get the greens in my body since I know I dont get enough. Really hoping this will alkaline my system. Ive been taking this for a week or more and I feel a little better like energy. Just wondering after a month Ill write a later review

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  • Love it! , (louisa7 NJ)

    I love this supplement as well, I got it in fruit and berries and love taking them. I feel like I have more energy and noticed that my skin looks and feels better.

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  • Love this product!, (Sandy704 PA)

    It's so important to get your cruciferous veggies in for your overall health! I wish more people understood this.

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  • The Powder is not for me, (KatKat-1 FL)

    This tasted fine, but gave me terrible heart burn afterward. Sorry to say, this was my first Andrew Lessman return. I will go back to the capsule form of this supplement. Why 4 stars? I know this supplement works, just this form is not for me.

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  • Sad, (ladybird112 NY)

    I was happy to get my order but to my surprise when I open they cruciferous extracts a couple of the pills had bursts open in the bottle

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  • Quality, (Splendid AZ)

    Great quality supplement.

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  • AMAZING , (LadyJ73 NV)

    This product is amazing I don't get my daily veggies so this helps

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  • Must Have!, (DenimLover12 MI)

    I am a pretty healthy eater but there is no way I could or would want to eat these veggies on a daily basis. I feel so much better knowing I can take this supplement to help my overall health.

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  • Beautiful veggies, (veganjoe MA)

    This product shows just how important these extracts are that Dr Less an would put them in a capsule it gives your body the nutrients it needs to run like a fine tuned Ferrrai thank you Dr Lessman for sharing your knowledge and making such a clean product you truly are a godsend

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  • OK, (rsbih TX)

    These capsules smell bad. I know that is because they are cruciferous. I wont but them again

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  • Yummy Vegetables , (A_b_C29 OH)

    Thank you HSN and Andrew Lessman for these great capsules. Just started these excited to see the results!

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  • Incredible!, (PLC1 RI)

    Best cruciferous vegetable extract in a capsule; you can even smell the awesome freshness of the veggies! I don't always get enough of these veggies in my diet and know it's imperative to have these wonderful benefits! I eat as healthy as I can and use this is a wonderful supplement.

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  • Good, (JENNYLEE CA)

    I take these when my meals have no greens or vegs. Can't fairly rate because havn't taken on regular basis. Just seems like a good idea.

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  • ok, (Emmaalleee FL)

    i use these every other day due to too much gas if taken daily.

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