Cranberry with D-Mannose

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  • Haven't received it yet....., (Betts5 WI)

    I ordered this product in June but have never received it....yet.

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  • The 2 Cranberries, (Trixie357 MD)

    Is there a reason the Cranberry Benefits tabs. exploded in the bottle? We are unable to use because of this. The Cranberry D Mannose does not do this. We have never experienced this with any other Andrew product. Thanks.

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  • Not For Me, (robbie112 MD)

    I have taken Cranberry Benefits for years, love them. Tried these with d-mannose they gave me terrible gas. Too late to return so I tossed them and reordered the Cranberry Benefits and all is well.

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  • Not strong enough!, (flowermaid KY)

    Have to take 4 caps to get strength I want. My first and last time to purchase!

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