Cranberry with D-Mannose

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  • Disposed Of, (Saturday2021 IL)

    I took these pills for 6 weeks. Got a UTI. Had not had one for 10+ years.Certainly can not state that this was the cause of the UTI but interesting that I had not had this issue for eons and then happened shortly after this product was taken. I disposed of these and decided that "less is best".I do take the multi vitamin and eye vitamin and will continue with these products.

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  • Great product Mississippi , (cindy-s MS)

    Wont be without my cranberryD-Mannose no more UTIs. Thank you Andrew!!

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  • Not A Good Product for Me, (Shashopper61 MI)

    First I must say I have loved all vitamins I have used from this co. I ordered this one without knowing what D Mannose is and I am diabetic in Stage 4 kidney failure. My glucose went up very high with severe hot sweats and then found out it is not good for my kidney situation. My fault for not researching. Just thought others in my situation might benefit from this knowledge. I have never had any other problems with Lessman products.

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  • Not for me, (Giveup22 NC)

    They caused me real digestive upset . I cant take these

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  • linkap, (Lindakap PA)

    Very disappointed with this product. Have been taking 2 tablets a day for more than a week and there has been no change or relief in my bladder problems.

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  • Not Very Happy, (BRANDYBOO TX)

    Ive been buying Andrew Lessman from the beginning. It seems I should get special pricing for that. I bought this and the product inside the capsule became hard and turned a very dark red. I stopped taking them. Surely theres not an expiration date on this? I took a picture but it seems I cant download it.

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