Cranberry with D-Mannose

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  • Great product Mississippi , (cindy-s MS)

    Wont be without my cranberryD-Mannose no more UTIs. Thank you Andrew!!

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  • Not A Good Product for Me, (Shashopper61 MI)

    First I must say I have loved all vitamins I have used from this co. I ordered this one without knowing what D Mannose is and I am diabetic in Stage 4 kidney failure. My glucose went up very high with severe hot sweats and then found out it is not good for my kidney situation. My fault for not researching. Just thought others in my situation might benefit from this knowledge. I have never had any other problems with Lessman products.

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  • Not for me, (Giveup22 NC)

    They caused me real digestive upset . I cant take these

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  • linkap, (Lindakap PA)

    Very disappointed with this product. Have been taking 2 tablets a day for more than a week and there has been no change or relief in my bladder problems.

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  • Not Very Happy, (BRANDYBOO TX)

    Ive been buying Andrew Lessman from the beginning. It seems I should get special pricing for that. I bought this and the product inside the capsule became hard and turned a very dark red. I stopped taking them. Surely theres not an expiration date on this? I took a picture but it seems I cant download it.

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  • Not good for people with GERD, (TIFFIG TX)

    I am returning this since my Gastro doctor told me it was causing the bloated and nausea feeling I am having since it not good with people with acid reflux or GERD. It did'nt surprise me because I was getting nausea when I took it.

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  • This product has reduced a major ingredient, (Stephen_F NV)

    This product used to contain 500 mg of the cranberry extract per two-capsules serving, but now contains only 400 mg. You always brag about increases in ingredients, but you never seem to mention when you decrease your ingredients per serving. I've noticed such decreases before.

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  • Defective capsules, (ginnys1 FL)

    There is something wrong with this product. In the inside of the capsule the powder is turning into liquid. I have enjoyed many cranberry packets and also many different variety of cranberry capsules without any product problems. Ive happily enjoyed several varied vitamins for years from Andrew Lessman without problems.

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  • Hurt my stomach , (babs64 PA)


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  • capsule problem, (unsure PA)

    I have been purchasing Andrews products since he started on QVC probably over 25 years. Shortly after receiving these the product actually expanded out of the capsule becoming hard. I called Andrews customer service. While they were aware this happens, they did nothing to correct the situation. Like replace the the product or issue a refund. They were polite and nice but with no results. Not at all what I expected from them. I am truly disappointed with the lack of concern or the ability to help

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  • Not good, (Ramcury VA)

    I have bought Andrews products ever since he was qvc and loved them. This one however has been bad the capsule has broken open and all the goo came out as sticky mess. I tried cranberry and monoss made no different. This needs to be fixed I had thrown two bottles out. Cant afford to do that. Very disappointed.

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  • Cranberry supplement turning weird., (Morning_Star-5 FL)

    I have been taking Andrew's vitamin supplements since he came to HSN. I have loved each and every one. But the problem with the swelling cranberry caps needs to be fixed. Love the product and want to continue taking it, but can't afford to keep throwing them away. Thanks Andrew.

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    Bad before there time. I have bought many of Andrews supplements and usually they last well beyond expiration date not these. Turned into moist solid in 9 months with expiration date of 09/23 a year before the expiration. Called pro caps and HSN with pics. and no help with this.

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  • supplements, (nons ID)

    no real affect sick to stomach when taking most of Andrews products are very good just nit this one

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