Cranberry with D-Mannose

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  • A Godsend For Me!, (MonaLisaMonaLisa AL)

    When I saw AL present Cranberry D-Mannose supplement, I read the product information & knew I had to buy it. I've been having hematuria for some time. I received my Cranberry D-Mannose order on January 19. CT scans showed I had kidney/bladder stones. I had to have lithotripsy (ESW with stent) on 2/8. My Urologist was so surprised on my post-surgical visit that my UA had absolutely no trace of bacteria. I wasn't in the least surprised. I attribute my quick recovery to a good Dr. & this product.

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  • Great quality, (Coral-Lea3 CA)

    I have one cranberry benefits capsule left, so will be opening this one tomorrow. I love cranberry benefits and I am sure this will be great as well.

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  • Cranberry with D-Mannose, (foxtravel WI)

    I just finished my 1st month of taking the Cranberry with the D-Mannose,and I think it is actually working, I havealready ordered my 2nd 120 capsules.I have taken Andrew's Cranberry capsules for years, but these are 10 times better.

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  • Improved Kidney Function, (SuziSMR PA)

    Seventeen years ago my kidney function dropped to 50%. My doctors never did figure out what caused it. But, since then my GFR has only ever got has high as 67. I decided to give Andrews new product a try since I am such a huge fan of many of his products. I have only been taking it 4 weeks and had my blood work done. My GFR has increased to 76. This is the highest it has been in over 17 years. I am sure my kidney doctor will be as shocked and happy as me. Thank you again Andrew!

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  • Cranberry D-Mannose, (blondie63 OR)

    Great Product. Highly Recommend.

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  • Excellent Combo, (Frizzygray IN)

    I have been taking other brands of both cranberry and D-Mannose capsules daily for at least 2 years. I am 59, I officially came into menopause 2-3 years ago. The past few years I was having more & more issues with symptoms of bladder infections, though most of the time I tested negative. I did my own research and learned about D-Mannose. I highly recommend taking these 2 products daily if you have chronic issues. Glad I can now buy them as one product in the best dosage. Thank you Andrew.

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  • Lots of energy , (Teanut CA)

    Taken 1 a day in the am , for the last week and my energy level has increased

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  • Side effects , (Catlou57 KY)

    Taken with my regular meds is producing gastric side effects.. Will have to experiment to judge best time to take capsule. Not sure whether to continue with taking or not.

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  • Cranberry Mannose, (sklegg OH)

    Seems to work.color of capsule is much darker than previous bottle. Will know more later

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  • So Far So Good, (Suggestion WA)

    Thank you Jay, My wife's circulation is stabilizing. We believe it is because of the Cranberry Benefits. We are hoping that this newer example of your vision will provide even more benefits.

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  • Haven't received it yet....., (Betts5 WI)

    I ordered this product in June but have never received it....yet.

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  • The 2 Cranberries, (Trixie357 MD)

    Is there a reason the Cranberry Benefits tabs. exploded in the bottle? We are unable to use because of this. The Cranberry D Mannose does not do this. We have never experienced this with any other Andrew product. Thanks.

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  • Not For Me, (robbie112 MD)

    I have taken Cranberry Benefits for years, love them. Tried these with d-mannose they gave me terrible gas. Too late to return so I tossed them and reordered the Cranberry Benefits and all is well.

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  • Not strong enough!, (flowermaid KY)

    Have to take 4 caps to get strength I want. My first and last time to purchase!

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  • Disposed Of, (Saturday2021 IL)

    I took these pills for 6 weeks. Got a UTI. Had not had one for 10+ years.Certainly can not state that this was the cause of the UTI but interesting that I had not had this issue for eons and then happened shortly after this product was taken. I disposed of these and decided that "less is best".I do take the multi vitamin and eye vitamin and will continue with these products.

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