Cranberry with D-Mannose

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  • Great, (Noreen11 CO)

    Had 4 UTI's in six months. Urologist told me to take Cranberry and D-Mannose. Saw this , cheaper thn buying two separate bottles.I no longer have any discomfort urinating. Sorry if I embarrassed anyone.This stuff works. I won't be without it.

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  • Healthy & effective, (KJSS OH)

    Ive never suffered from urinary tract problems but I know that the human immune sys weakens as we age, so since Im now in my 60s, I take this supplement as a preventative. An ounce of prevention is definitely worth more than a pound of cure.

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  • Awesome Kidney Support, (ANELA HI)

    I've been on a biologic medication for years and when my GFR started to fall I decided to try this product. My GFR went from 63 to 71 to 83 in 6 months and I'm hoping it will be back over 90 soon. I know you can't make medical claims but this product and staying hydrated has helped me. Mahalo Andrew

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    Prone to uti and hubby needed his kidney level to drop. My UTI had just started, normally I take an antibiotic, got this supplement and it worked, Cleared up my UTI. Hubby is using this, since his blood work for kidneys was high, this solved his problem. NEVER STOP MAKING THIS, been with You for over 20 years, Thank You, Your supplements go into Christmas stockings from New Jersey to New York to Florida. My Doctor was amazed, and now on your supplements. This is Outstanding. Bless You.

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  • Great for Bladder, (karen32762 IL)

    I got these to help with preventing bladder infections. I feel they help me.

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  • Great! , (CMP62 FL)

    I suffer from UTI infections and so does my 85 year old mother since taking these cranberry with d mannose capsules it has been clear and would recommend highly to anyone that maybe susceptible to UTIs I wont be without it. Thanks Andrew!

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  • Best vitamins ever, (danni236 CA)

    I love all of Andrews vitamins I take slot of his, my favorite right now is the cranberry ones I have received

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  • Cranberry with D-Mannose, (foxtravel WI)

    I have been taking these capsules forapprox 4 months and I will continue to take them, they are helping me tremendously. Best thing for my bladder.

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  • Take it daily!, (Jan55555 PA)

    Took regular D-Mannose for years and when I found this in Andrew's vitamins I immediately ordered. I take this daily and have not have a UTI in a very long time!!! I am very happy with this and will continue to take it!!

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  • They work for me., (Sazz2 FL)

    I never used to get UTIs, but lately have, so I tried the cranberry capsules, they didnt work nearly as effectively as these capsules with the D-Mannose. I take one every night and I feel they have kept me from any UTIs since.

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  • makes a difference!, (1309lk IA)

    I had previously used Andrew's Cranberry, but decided to try this. I like it better.

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  • Amazing product!!!, (Jan55555 PA)

    I have taken D-Mannose for years. I just started taking Andrew's Cranberry and D-Mannose 2 weeks ago and I immediately saw a difference. I suffer from UTI's and this definitely helps! I take a lot of Andrew's vitamins and this is another winner to add to my list!!!

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  • Great day, (cool25 SC)

    Love these really work

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  • We need Andrew back, (mrslovetoshop CA)

    Its hard to hear him on the phone please bring Andrew back to the studio. Presentation much better in person. I enjoy the cranberry. Have been taking 1 every night before bed. I also enjoy his powder cranberry drink.

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  • Drop the mic, (irmag2 CA)

    Can't believe itI just had a doctors appt and the doctor said my kidneys are much better than my past visit. I smiled and told him what I was taking, he said keep up the good work.

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