Cranberry with D-Mannose

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  • Happy Shopper As Usual , (parkchester NY)

    After a severe UTI last year will not be without Andrew Cranberry with D-Mannose .Heard it was going to be a Special ,my first time bottle after the UTI was getting low,but knew Andrew was going to be offering a good SPECIAL and he did 480 capsules, can only hope next year is even bigger as I will be there to click on the largest size once again. Thank You Andrew

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  • YES!, (Teacher1andyou VA)

    I am happy to be using the Cranberry with D-Mannose. It seems to be working and am hopeful.

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  • I feel they are really helping with my Bladder, (annabell2 NY)

    Taking these capsules is a great way to help manage my Urinary track and to help hopefully manage the prevention of Urinary Track infections. So far taking them every day has helped, I am not having a problem anymore with frequent infections. I feel these capsules are helping.

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  • Hope its working, (blualt CT)

    Started taking upon recommendation of a family member to prevent bladder infections. Been using for a while without issue. Would buy again!

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  • great, (palacios FL)

    it has help me a lot take it every day

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  • No waking up for me anymore, (CJB_in_CT CT)

    I've used Cranberry with D-Mannose for the past two years. Since I started taking it, I sleep 8-9 hrs a night without having to wake up to use the bathroom. That's priceless.

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  • bought for a neighbor, (jackirae MN)

    Sent this to a neighbor lady who recently lost her husband and was having bladder problems...she was grateful to get some natural relief, after a couple of trips to the hospital and the expenses she incurred. Also, bought some for myself.

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  • So Glad There IS ANDREW LESSMAN, (parkchester NY)

    Came down with severe UTI last year,first time ever, went to doctor and just hearing symptoms gave prescription for antibiotic and sent urine to get tested 3 days later a Sunday, get a call from doctor on call saying test results came back showing that medicine that was given was too weak and you should had probably been hospitalized . Sent in new prescription it worked ,but since my recovery once again I turned to Andrew for prevention ,he never let me down,with any of his products.

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  • amazing product, (MAK1977 AK)

    I used a product like this years ago and it was discontinued. was so happy when found this product again. I can really tell a difference when I take this exact combination. Highly recommend if you have any kind of issues with your kidneys or UTI's. amazing product...

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  • Everyone one should use this, (anonymous698 DE)

    Urinary trac problems are not fun. Use correctly, this product is an excellent preventative measure for most people.

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  • A better cranberry capsule, (Firesightee MI)

    I am sensitive to cranberry caps so I wish I could take tart cherry instead but cranberry is necessary to keep urinary tract and kidneys working well. It does work and I don't take every day. I find that all cranberry capsules affect my joints with some pain (rheum arth), but drinking juice or AL Efficient cranberry packets do not affect my RA. So I do what I can.

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  • Cranberry Dmannose, (05hummer OR)

    Great work well also referred to friends that love it also

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  • Helps My UTI's, (BoBunnyBoo8885 CA)

    I know that that production can't make medical claims, but as a customer, I can. I have chronic UTI's, and D-Mannose has definitely helped reduce them.

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  • Cranberry with D-Mannose, (dollbaby2572282 IN)

    Wonderful product, works well, thanks again for your products and services.

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  • EXCELLENT product, (1309lk IA)

    I always take 2 of these at night before bed. They are no issues with taste or indigestion.

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