Crafter's Companion A Year of Craft with Gemini Midi Machine

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  • Great deal, (Belgie IL)

    Very complete kit, so much for the money. I did find the machine hard to crank. Does it loosen up with use? Ive got so many ideas for these goodies, in addition to the suggestions in the binder. Great purchase.

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  • What an amazing kit! , (TropD TX)

    I ordered this kit with the Gemini midi machine. I am so glad I did. This is such a wonderful kit to get me going with making cards and other craft products. If you or someone you know wants to get started with an all encompassing craft kit, this is the one! I ordered the Gemini Midi carrying case on HSN for $21.00 and am all set. I love Sara and Crafter's Companion and HSN. Thank you so much!

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  • JUST WHAT I NEEDED, (Creativelizz123 NY)

    IT has everything I need to create all the beautiful cards for the entire year. What I love the most is the binder and the easy to follow instructions on each project. The price is a little steep but with FlexPay it makes it easier to purchase.

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  • Nice stamps and dies, (ab131 MO)

    Thought the idea binder would have cards for cards that didn't look like they were made by kids. CC shows such beautiful cards on air but that is not what they shared. I will repurpose the binder into something else.

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  • So happy, (apanda TX)

    I have to say I love this purchase the book helps so much for someone who is just starting it makes a huge difference I tried to do something with out the guidance from the book and it was basically trash then I copied one of the projects and was so happy to have it made a huge difference Love this item

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  • Over priced , (sonny653 FL)

    I was really excited to get this but I was disappointed in what I received there is no value in the kit . I would rather stay with the monthly subscription box its cheaper more stuff . Too expensive to return

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  • folder flaw, (toby419t NY)

    I like midi machine same ease of use as all crafter's companion items.My only complaint would be that cutting folder snapped apart at the top second time I ran it threw machine. I have had to tape it together in order to use it. never have had this problem with the mini and have use that one for 2 years.

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  • Gemini MIDI and CC Stamps , (EdEd56 VA)

    I have used the MIDI many times to emboss. Unfortunately, regardless of the brand of embossing folder I use, following the instructions, it will not emboss the right side of the card stock. I have tried workarounds as suggested by customer service and the machine will not emboss the right side of the paper. Ive used the Cuttlebug for years and it works great. I wanted something that didnt need plates so I purchased the MIDI. Very disappointed! The stamps are not clear/crisp and skew badly.

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  • Works great for me!, (Mickey163 TN)

    My wife says: I'm just a beginner card maker, and this seems to be the perfect set to get someone started. I loved everything that came with it. I was worried about the poor reviews of the Gemini Midi, but I haven't had one problem. The crank mechanism is fairly easy to push, and for me, it's done a great job so far. The plastic sleeve does warp super quickly but I store it underneath the Midi machine and the weight of the machine helps to keep it flat. I already want the Gemini Pro! LOL

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  • Excellent Kit But Not Totally Complete, (warntha MI)

    This kit is especially helpful to someone new to card making as mostly the basics that are needed to complete each card project is included except for certain supplies like the die cutter, stamp inks, and acrylic blocks etc. It is a big time saver as you do not need to hunt down a great many of the needed items to make a card.

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  • Midi delay, (tcl67 AZ)

    This is the first time that I have really been upset with HSN I purchased the MIDI in November and I have only received the one shipment which was the machine and one box and everything else has been delayed.

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  • Love, (hsmom1 MO)

    I loved the box that it arrived in. It was exactly what I expect of Sara's stuff. The drawers were stuff full of goodies. I love the notebook of instructions. The thing I don't get is that I am to get a monthly box and magazine but I have heard nothing since I bought the box. I can't find anything about it either. This is really disappointing. That was one of the big selling points.

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  • Broke in the first 30 minutes, (Bella20134 MA)

    The midi folder cracked in half before I had even run it through 20 times. Of course, there are no more folders to purchase. This means that I have to tape it to even get to use the midi machine.This has not been my experience with other CC productsVery disappointing

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  • Misleading, (cindy47 IL)

    I was charged 5 flex pays, adding up to, with tax, approximately $167. Then IN ADDITION to that, I was charged another $41, with tax for each shipment, meaning the true cost of the item is NOT $167, but rather $167 PLUS an additional $41 for each shipment sent out. To me, this is extremely misleading.

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  • Midi machine, (SeniorMom1 AL)

    I ordered the A year of crafts from Crafters Companion with the Midi. Love all the papers, die cuts and stamps. The problem is that after I used the Midi TWICE the folders ( cutting mats) that came with it warped so badly that I can't use them anymore. They need to rethink the Midi and the folders (cutting mats). I am very unhappy with it.

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