Crafter's Companion 2021 Advent Calendar

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  • Totally Impressed, (darey MI)

    I love getting a little surprise each day for my crafting hobby. I am about one-third of the way through opening the windows, and I am totally impressed. There's been several windows that contained several items! WOW! I am totally impressed with the variety of items: stamps, dies, stencils and an embossing folder. Love the designs and the quality. Crafter's Companion has done it again!

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  • No Surprise Here Most fell out when untied, (WindyStorm CA)

    I don't know if this was just a mess up but inside the brown box the gift box was smashed. When I opened the gift box the back fell open and all the gifts fell out. No surprise for the 24 days Very disappointed.

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  • We like what is in this, (tarantula FL)

    We can CERTAINLY understand why some didn't care for this, but we're happy with what's offered this year. Most of us purchased a Gemini Go on auto ship, and were hoping for a few more mini folders to make Crazy Quilt cards. We mostly used fancy ribbon or die cut paper for the borders between patterns, but some actually SEWED them! The stencils are great if you have pyramid cards, and you need that LAST layer w/o adding MORE 3d on top. Paper pad matches Parisian set, and dies/stamps are pretty.

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  • Comparing to last year., (paperandi OH)

    This year was much better. Most were really cute and reasonable size. Last years advent (which I bought on clearance this year) are teeny tiny. I like most of the stuff included in this years box, but I dont like the stencils. They are small and not my type. Everything else was pretty cute. As for being full size- the only thing I can see being full size is the paper pad (which I also dont care too much for- its not my type. Too vintage.).. For the price-its not shabby.

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  • Of course i opened it!, (Lynndee5 CA)

    After physically having to rip apart most of left side, nothing was where it was supposed to be. Right side was better. However, I was not excited for items in box. They are too cutesy for my taste and will prob never use. I do like the tablet of paper. I will be sending back because its just not worth the price. It should be like $35 at most. Going back as soon as stupid Covid releases. Me to do.

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  • Advent calendar 2021, (fluffy012 FL)

    I have purchased all the advent calendars so far, they all have their pros and cons but then again everything does. What I wasnt impressed with in this years was the paper pad, to me it looks like its nothing new just a piece of the caring thoughts collection. The small stencils and embossing folders to me are fine, when you least expect, you will need that size. As to the price yes it is pricey but I have noticed now a day everything is more expensive. In general, I like it.

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  • Advent calendar , (PattiWash0612 IN)

    I didnt open the box but I did get a chance to see what was inside and its so so I will be returning back because of the price isnt worth the product that is in side the box

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  • Not as nice as past boxes, (kaltweety TX)

    Not as nice as before, most were small dies or stamps and several of just little stencils, was not worth the cost this year.

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  • A Christmas present every day., (montanaraye GA)

    Although i can say WOW i had no idea it would be larger than the previous years. It take patience but i do wait till December. I have bought the two previous calendars and was impressed, however, this year it is bigger. A Christmas present every day.

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  • Flimsy, (shecrafts SD)

    Disappointed with this years advent calendar. Last two years were nice but this years the box fell apart when opened it. Should have sent it back but kept it. Not worth the cost!

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  • Not full Size Products as Advertised...., (laneyhollo AZ)

    the product was advertised as full size products and not just small samples. I found that more than half of the products were not full size and was disappointed in the quality of them. The stencils and embossing folders were the most disappointing as they were very small and there was only a few dies that were large enough to be considered full size. The variety was OK and the designs were cute a saving grace for what otherwise was a disappointment.

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  • Arrived Damaged, Rummaged, (BigBlueIz UT)

    Was so excited to get this advent hexagonal calendar for the first time and planned to gift it to my newest niece is craft crazy like me and also shares my December birthday month. Stunned to find the calendar torn at its paper hinge between the two hexagon and several of the windows rifled through both inside and on day 24. Unknown what may have been missing from the Odd that it was not prepackaged, as most of the CC products are, ... or, maybe it was and I just got a total dud. Returned.

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  • CC Yearly Christmas die collection, (buzzalongtoo5 NC)

    This is the 3rd year that I have bought the Christmas Crafter Companion Advent die collection. I look forward to these each year!! Sara picks out the cutest dies and love the quality!!

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  • not worth 54.00 sorry, (polkadance CA)

    every previous advent calendars have been great, this year very disappointing. so sorry

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  • Advent Calendar, (jandy910 IL)

    I received my advent calendar and yes I opened it. This is a wonderful kit and it has such variety of items. I recommend this kit. One thing I will caution you on is during shipping some of the dies moved from their spot. I discovered that when I opened a window and there was nothing in there. I ended up taking the entire calendar apart to make sure I didn't miss anything. You will be very happy with this Advent calendar.

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