Cool Living Personal Evaporative Air-Cooling Fan

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  • WORTH EVERY PENNY, (justme_jim AL)

    This little machine really works. you will NOT be wasting you money by buying it.

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  • What a saver, (runningdeerkd IN)

    This is amazing. A personal air cooler. Am amazed on how long it works with the amount of water you add and ice cube are great to make it even cooler. My electric goes out a lot ,so I got this one and boy was I surprised. It works on a phone charger in case you wanted to take it anywhere. Just cools you effort (one) person perfect. Very cooling. Love it for the hot flashes,if you know what I mean???? Polite good for me am getting another one.

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    This is great for a small space. It was a gift for a friend and they love it!!

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  • anxious to try out, (cej73 FL)

    I have been trying to find something like this for my car. Need to have something to keep car cool when using restrooms while traveling with my dog. Hope this will be the answer.

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  • LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!, (Andray NC)

    I read a few negative reviews but I tried it out anyway & am so glad I did! This evaporative fan is not meant to cool an entire house or even a large room however if you do as it says in the directions, place this unit about 1-3 feet away from you such as on your desk or next to your bed, this little fan will literally freeze you. I am constantly turning mine off because I get so cold. I add ice, water and essential oil to mine and I love that the plastic filter is washable and reusable!!!

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  • Cool beans, (theshrimpguys FL)

    Small, compact, quiet. used ice water and my laser thermometer says the fan surface 62 degrees. Very happy with purchase.

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  • Nice Air Cooler, (JRC11 OK)

    This is working great for my office. Plugged this in to my computer using USB turned it on and BAM a nice breeze of cool air. I am happy with my purchase

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  • A great little fan that cools!, (Vacuous KS)

    Great purchase I use it in my office when it gets hot. Looks great on my desk!

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  • AMAZING!!, (MT6 KS)

    This is exactly what I needed, what a difference it makes. I'm so excited about the way this fan cools!! All I need to do is put in some water, turn it in on and cool, refreshing air comes out!!

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  • It works!, (Valika TX)

    When I first opened this- I thought I was crazy for ordering this tiny fan. I put the water in, put it on the night stand and gave it a try. I have to sleep with a fan because I like the breeze and the noise.The great thing is you can have it facing you and not wake up with a cold vs using a large fan I was shocked it does cool and is whisper quiet. This is not a replacement for AC but a perfect little personal fan.

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  • Awesome mini swamp cooler, (kabuke AZ)

    Put it on my desk and it really does cool down the area and its pretty quiet too. Love it.

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  • Very Cool Fan, (Suzieprz NY)

    I purchased this for my desk at work, and what I do is have a small fan on my desk and then this cooling fan on the opposite side of me, with having both items on. My desk is very cool! I actually have to turn this off at times because it can get to chilly with both fans on! I really like this item

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  • WORKS GREAT1!!, (ObbieDo CO)

    I bought this Personal EVAPORATIVE COOLER, for my son. He takes medication that makes him sweat, so he always feels hot. But this little cooler keeps his room cooler for him, so I don't have to keep the whole house so cold. He puts a couple of ice cubs in it, then adds cold water from the refrigerator. it makes a very noticable difference in the temperature of his room! I just wish it had a larger water reservoir, so it could run longer between refills.

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  • Battery back up , (freddie_f CA)

    Came in handy when Edison had power outage. It was nice to have a fan running off my InstaCharger battery pack.

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  • Better than no A/C, (CARLIY NE)

    Gifted this to our daughter who lives in a MN apartment without A/C. This will cool her bedroom enough to combat the heat & humidity this summer. What a genius idea & yet to compact & simple to use!

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