Connie Craig Carroll Jewelry Reid Pear Gemstone Solitaire Ring

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  • Pretty ring, (lavendar_lana FL)

    I purchased this ring in moonstone to go with matching earrings. I love it! It is large but it looks great. I now have several pieces from Connie and I am impressed. They feel good and look good. I will definitely purchase more from her line.

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  • The Perfect Ring, (patymayo ME)

    This ring design is perfection. Please continue to bring this design back in more and more gemstones. I will buy them all! CCC I probably have 30 or so of your pieces. I cannot choose a favorite but this is top 5 for sure! I truly enjoy this line of jewelry.

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  • Aquaprase beauty!, (Rowana CA)

    I purchased this ring in the Aquaprase, and it is gorgeous. Every piece I have collected from Connie's line is so high-end-looking and well-made. Her line is really top-notch -- very impressed, and I've been collecting jewelry for a long time! The stone is handsome and interesting - aquaprase is the trade name for a type of blueish-green chalcedony that's only been around since maybe 2015 or so. The stone in my ring is nicely marked with brown matrix, which adds to the visual interest.

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  • Perfect , (shoutout09 CA)

    I bought the Aquaprase ring. I wanted it to be the mint translucent color, but it is more Turquoise in color with alot of brown. I love it, I love the shape!!! I got the earrings too, and they do match. Please bring this back in the Rodonite!!! I loved that color of pink. I also bought the Pink Opal earrings and I am waiting for the matching ring, which is backlogged.

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  • Hmm, (heartach PA)

    The stones are usually nice. However every ring that is this size never lays nice on the finger. There is no balance. The ring lays flat, if each ring had some height I think they would lay nice. I sent the ring back but kept the opal earrings, and necklace.

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  • Remember the mood rings?, (PaulaG88 CO)

    I absolutely love the ring! And was thrilled to wear it! I received it a couple of weeks ago, set it aside to wear for a special occasion And went to retrieve it from my jewelry box, and it had turned green The stone had turned a green colorAlmost like the green color that is one of the choices you offer Mine was pink, and it turned to green, a lovely green mind you! Its not worth the effort or the time to send it back, but it makes me mad that I have to do anything! It was so pretty pink!

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  • Stone fell out-disapointed , (SJoy2 GA)

    Nice, stylish ring but the stone was loose and popped out.

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