Concierge Collection Classic SuperLoft™ Mattress Pad

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  • Best Mattress Cover Ever , (Lauram1960 TN)

    I actually bought one for myself and when my daughter seen and just sat on my bed, she asked me to get her one for her birthday which is today! And by the way, she loves hers just as much as I love mine !! Thanks HSN, you done it again!!

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  • Concierge Mattress Pad, (elaine73 PA)

    Have used it for 5 days and love it so far soft and fluffy.

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  • Mattress Pad, (MEBOOGIE NY)

    I love my mattress pad. It's so comfortable and fluffy.

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  • Superloft Maattress Pad, (Faithful118 NY)

    I was skeptical about how it would feel with all the pockets. First night I tried, I was amazed at how well my husband and I slept. He even commented he had a good night sleep and normally he may get a good 4-5 hours of sleep. It's a pleasure now to rest and sleep comfortably on our new mattress pad. I have no regrets. I am a believer.

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  • Not What I Expected , (SHOPPIN FL)

    Each square was bunched up, I had to manually try to fix. You can feel the bunched up ones when you lay in them and have to adjust yourself to get comfortable. I have bought this brand in the past, not sure if this is the same as the in the past. I do not care for this one at all.

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  • SuperLoft-Not, (ArleneW625 SC)

    I was disappointed with this mattress pad after having had one that I was extremely happy with. This one, even after tossing it in the 'air only' dryer, is quite 'lumpy' . The filling is not evenly distributed. I may have to return this one!

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  • Not as expected......, (Quitosmom AZ)

    The presentation made this look like it was overstuffed and very pillowy. Not. It is lumpy and not comfortable at all. Went straight to Goodwill. Not worth the hassle of returning.

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  • Do Not Waste Your Money, (Cherylness UT)

    This Mattress topper is so lumpy. I was very disappointed.

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  • Leafsoldier, (leafsoldier TN)

    So disappointed the square pads are lumpy and hard to even out tonight is my first night Ill be sleeping on it from what I feel Ill be returning it I should of read the reviews more bad then good!

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  • Concierge collection mattress topper, (Sassy156 VA)

    Did not like. Its hot and wont stay in place and customer service will not let me return. Im done with HSN!

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  • Lumpy, HOT and not water resistant. Disappointed , (optomistic777 NV)

    I put it on fluff air cycle as directed. I thought if the squares were smaller they would stay fluffy and not go flat. Its uncomfortably lumpy. This company is in some big name hotels. This item would not be there for long. Its hard and not like a feather bed. The poly fill stays really hot. You have to adjust your hip bones in between lumps when you roll over. I spilled a glass of water on the cover. It soaked through and into my mattress. Completely disappointed. Should return it.

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  • NOT the same Concierge quality , (Ma_Dear MI)

    Ive purchased mattress covers from Concierge for years, loving each product. This one is sub-quality! The squares are smaller and the filling is lumpy which makes for an uncomfortable, unpleasant, and awful night of trying to sleep. I returned the two that Id purchased. A twin XL and a king. Both gave the same problem.

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  • Lumpy , (Smallspace MI)

    I shouldve read the two reviews before I purchased this. It came vacuum packed and how disappointing once it was on the bed. The individual squares are lumped and I cant figure out how to pull them apart. This is my second disappointment with this company. Looked nothing like advertised, no surprise there wish I could send a picture to help other in making their decisions. Awful. .

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  • Concierge mattress pad, (Evee4 NJ)

    I have bought concierge mattress covers previous and I was extremely happy with them and that is why I came back for another. I took this out of the package and fluffed it as directed. The poly filling is clumped in each section which makes it lumpy and uncomfortable to sleep on. I am not sure if this is how it is supposed to be or defective. In any event, I would not recommend this product to anyone. If I could, I would not give it even one star.

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