Concierge Collection 4" Featherbed

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  • Love it!, (Bea97 AL)

    Bought 2 and now buying 3 more for friends! Adds cushion needed. Doubled one over and using on couch. Great value!

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  • Love it, (kymmekc816 KS)

    This is very comfortable. Glad I purchased when I did my back was so stiff. This was like sleeping on air. May be next time keep it from moving.

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  • Great feather bed!!, (hokustar20033 NM)

    This feather bed is wonderful. Feels like I have a new mattress. Wanted to throw the mattress out but couldn't afford to. I had no idea a feather bed would could make a mattress so comfortable. I'm sleeping better at night and not tired during most of each day.

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  • Feather our clouds? , (McCoyJohnston FL)

    Before I purchased this feather bed I was sleeping on a very comfortable mattress pad made of bamboo and charcoal (if that sounds super fancy its because it was, what it wasnt, is worth the price) this featherbed has effortlessly lulled me to sleep ever since I bought it. 10/10 would recommend (The feathers dont poke you and its not noisy when you move around)

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  • So comfortable, (Patty-NY NY)

    I have been sleeping on the featherbed for about 2 weeks. I really thought I may have an allergic reaction. Everything is fine and my cat won't get off the bed. I have had a good overall experience.

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  • Warmth and comfort, (Cowgirrl OR)

    I am no longer cold at night, waking up to grab another blanket. This featherbed insulates my body without overheating. That means more sleep hours. It is quality, needing a shake and a fluff to bring it to life from its compressed bag. I measure and it is a full 4-inches. I don't mind refluffing the featherbed whenever I change the sheets. Just part of the routine. Well worth the money. I look forward to sleepy time now.

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  • Love it , (tgreen76 VA)

    Very comfy hubby loves it

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  • Sleeping in heavenly peace, (Akami OH)

    This feather topper makes for a very restful night's sleep. Quality product.

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  • Full and Fluffy, (Rachbay VA)

    I have this on my bed, my husband loves it! It feels really nice, full and fluffy! My only disappointment is that it lays on top of the mattress only. It dose not fit around the mattress sides, so it will slide or shift a little. Over all I am pleased!

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  • Featherbed, (Jody1975 MO)

    Love this. Any Concierge is worth the money have loved everything I ordered from them. Fast shipping too

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  • Featherbed, (SDSteele VA)

    Add a nice, plush feel without being overly thick...feels great. I am enjoying this a lot!

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  • Thumbs up, (markie64 NJ)

    Getting a good night sleep finally without having to buy a new mattress

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  • I Love This Feather Bed *=*, (worththewait FL)

    I've been sleeping on a memory foam mattress for 7 years (and loving it) and It Is Time to get a new one.I was tossing and turning because it lacks the steady surface support it once had. But my bank account says 'no way' to spending a thousand dollars on a new mattress.This is not like a mattress cover that makes the surface of the bed softer, nothing like that! And that is a good thing.This does lay on top of the mattress, but it has the effect of giving More Support. More Hold. I don't toss and turn at night anymore! Sleeping like a baby!One thing - I purchased the Queen, even though I have a double bed. It does hang over a little, but the sheets these days are so deep there is no problem with them fitting over both mattress and feather topper. I personally wanted it to be overly plush, and create a larger looking surface areaIf this is still available at the $67.00 price don't hesitate to buy it..

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  • Love the item..., (Bruce-NC NC)

    Wow - did not realize what a difference an item like this could make on our comfort. We have had Featherbeds before, but not like this one...great purchase.

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  • To comfortable to be legal, (Jeriz PA)

    Don't let friends try it they won't get out of your bed. They tried to take it home as souvenir. Usually down flattens but if it does it springs back as soon as you get up. I have down comforter and the two make it hard to get up. Love it.

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