Colleen Lopez Sterling Silver Tanzanite and White Topaz Ring

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  • Amazing color , (Cowgirl56 MI)

    I took a chance on the rougher look of this giant tanzanite and WOW. I own a gorgeous 4 carat polished jewelry quality tanzanite ring I got in Thailand years ago. This stone is the same gorgeous color!! Stupendous

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    I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered this. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is a beautiful example of a mined stone, minimally polished and cut, to bring out its beauty. I feel very blessed to have found this on sale and had the sense to order it. I absolutely love the size and color of a very limited and exclusively rare stone. I hope we can all realize what goes into bringing us this treasure. Thanks Colleen!

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  • WOW, (BlackBeltShop884 RI)

    OMG I love this piece... I think i'm going to order another one. Absolutely stunning in every way. Great job Colleen.

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  • Beautiful as Colleen said, (kathbe GA)

    Love this tanzanite rough stone, big and color is amazing! True to size and only hoped the earrings were like this ring but it was not to be!

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  • Stunning ring, (dianastasia54 TX)

    The Tanzanite stones are beautiful.

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  • Great Cilor!, (Lovestodecorate PA)

    This a large Tanzanite and the color is very deep!The side stones are a rich blue purple and add the perfect touch to this ring!The main stone is pretty but it has fractures and is included but I think it is how it is supposed to be because the earrings are the same!This is a lot of Tanzanite and a great purchase.

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  • Big and bold -Noticed mid flaws , (bonita7 CA)

    Bought this ring months ago for more than asking price now, light color with larger middle of stone flows, kept ring because big stone. hopefully might get pendant and earrings in near future if become available, but need to get a lot cheaper and less flows .

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  • Nice ring, (jentreb WI)

    I like it but wondered why there is no appraisal info, also is it a genuine gemstone? I called customer service after I ordered and they had no information other than what I had seen. The price seems low for the carat weight. It's a nice substantial stone.

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  • Big. , (bling14 IN)

    This is big, but too rough looking for my taste. Too rustic for me. Returned

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  • Nice ring, (gnomelady MO)

    The stone is large and I love the stones on the side. I just wish the large stone was a pretty as the side stones..After two weeks of trying to decide if I want it I am sending it back.Maybe I will find another tanzanite ring the isn't as cloudy.

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  • Deceiving Looks , (Becca_LM TX)

    Its not that the ring isnt pretty, it is. Its not that I do not understand what this ring, the stone, is supposed to be, I do. Its that the color saturation in what I received versus what was shown on air in presentation(s), and the photo for the item on the web/app, is completely different. OH, and Im checking to verify the 925 stamp on the band, I also saw a CHINA stamp. I wouldve liked to have known that this came from China.

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  • Just Okay, (Lisa212345 NY)

    I really wanted to like this ring because of the presentation but indoors, where we spend most of our time, without the studio enhanced lighting, this ring has a dull tone. Also, Colleen states white zircon stones when they are white topaz.

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  • Nope, (trainvegas NV)

    I got a grayish stone that was too small for the setting. The ring I received was of terrible quality.

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  • I'm very sad and discouraged, (chicklet1963 AZ)

    I had been waiting for the ring to come, so excited when it did. I opened it up with great anticipation only to find it had been damaged towards the pointed end, it was scratched and dented some. I was heartbroken as this was my gift to myself for Mother's Day. I called right away customer service, they would save me one and I sent it back today. I sure hope I get a better one. Otherwise I give up.

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    After 36 years of being an HS and customer, unfortunately I have to give this product a very poor review. I ordered two rings, because you never know sometimes you like to look at the stone one better than the other, etc. Both rings were definitely not the over $400 I paid. Both rings are going back. The first ring had a small chip in the Point of the pair on the top of the stone. The second ring had what looked like a real crack going through the stone that illuminated white.

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