Cher Eau de Couture Eau de Parfum Spray .33 oz.

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  • Lovely, (Kujika ID)

    I love Cher's products. I love this scent. It's a lot like her perfume Uninhibited she had out years ago. I really missed Uninhibited, until I found this. Now this is my go to. LOVE IT!

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  • Cher parfum spray, (flintstones56 IL)

    Smells nice and soft

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  • Awesome scent, (Julio5 NJ)

    nice scent and last a long timethank you Cher, for this wonderfulscent

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    I LOVE this fragrance. In my opinion it may not be for everyone. To me it is like Cher - Bold, Beautiful, and In Your Face. I wondered whether it would be too masculine, but the longer I wore it the more I loved it. I suspect that this fragrance has fewer if any synthetic fragrance ingredients, because it seems to smell different to so many people. I really enjoy wearing it. Makes me feel bold and feminine at the same time.

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  • Jules480 , (Corvettes-_oh OH)

    Hope a refill for purse spray will be available I bought 2 bottles so far my favorite. Please make a showergel.too

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  • Love this sexy unisex scent, (applecitygal NY)

    I first bought this spray to see whether I like the fragrance, and it turns out I love the fragrance. Because I have mild asthma I dont usually even buy a parfum but because it was by Cher I had to try it. Im so glad I did it. I love this fragrance and its great for a man or a woman. It is not overpowering,

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  • Cher Great for a Man , (Waterfordfund MA)

    This is a fun scent that makes you smile and want to dance. Its a true mood enhancer. Great scent for a man. I love it and get compliments every time I wear it. Way to go Cher! A legend of a fragrance made by a legend.

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  • Cher is amazing!!!!, (susieq378 IL)

    I love perfume as was leery to buy online. I am so glad I took the chance!!! Not only do I love Cher but now I can add her fragrance to the list.

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  • Cher Eau de Couture & Spray, (KYman KY)

    I didn't know Cher had a perfume set until I watched HSN. I really like the smell & it is a light smell but don't have to use much. It's got a smell that's so refreshing & unique.

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  • Cher perfume, (cher128 FL)

    This perfume is different from any other I LOVE it!. It is now my go to perfume. I carry it around in my purse daily and use it when I feel empowered. The smoke and the clove scents are what I like the most about it. I am ordering more. I can't wait to see what Cher comes up with next.

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  • Great Scent for Travel, (Kujika ID)

    Wondering for traveling or just keeping in your purse. I love this scent. So greatful to Cher for getting this out and also for HSN to sell it. Love, love, love it.

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  • LOVE THIS SCENT, (Kujika ID)

    I was so excited to learn Cher put this perfume out. It is a lot like the "Cher Uninhibited" she had out years ago. I was devastated when it wasn't sold anymore. I LOVE this new scent. It is so rich and warm. Thank you Cher for getting this out and thank you HSN for selling it!

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  • My signature fragance , (SJ555 NY)

    Thank you Cher. This is it. I've been looking for just the right scent to call my own and this is it. This has a mild but pronounced scent. Kind of powdery, but full bodied. Not heavy. Not girly childish. Not alcoholy like some. I've gotten compliments. I love this.

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  • BEAUTIFUL, (BarZ18 KS)

    I LOVE this perfume! I took a chance and I'm so glad I did! At first it's a light, clean, fresh smell. Then I got more sophisticated notes. The only negative is, it doesn't last very long, but I will definitely be buying more.

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  • Cher fan for life , (craftyone4 CA)

    I never have bought perfume from here. Gasp I know. Cher came on and I had watched and the ingredients sounded interesting. Lots of flavors I do love. I was hesitating at first and am so happy that I did not pass this up. Its quite lovely! Its bold, yet soft.

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