Chaco Canyon Oval Kingman Turquoise Sterling Silver Ring

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  • Stunning, (Robob OR)

    This ring is stunning. The sizing was limited and I heard the host say that Chaco Canyon would size it. I contacted them and they offered to size it for free...I would only have to pay postage to ship it to them. Such great customer service. Don't hesitate and don't worry about the size. Brilliant!

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  • Statement ring, (DominaEbony PA)

    This is a well made ring. Easy to wear considering the size of the turquoise and silver setting. My ring has a beautiful gold and black matrix running through the turquoise. Beautiful ring

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  • Beautiful!, (Becca10714 NM)

    Substantial! Beautiful workmanship The turquoise is vibrant. The silver is rich and you know you have silver! I cant stop looking at it!!

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  • Very Disappointed....Not at all as advertised., (renorose1 FL)

    Have purchased many rings from Chaco Canyon with excellent craftsmanship, but this one looked horrible. The matrix actually looked like a dull green....It actually was the worst I have ever seen. The stone looked like it had been "glued" in & there was a gap between the top of the stone & the ring. Really disappointed.

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  • Quality Control?, (Vanella59 OR)

    Recently received this ring. Was so excited, and then opened the box. The ring fit true to size, the turquoise was beautiful but the workmanship left something to be desired. The welds were very noticeable and there were spaces where there shouldnt be. Very surprised by this as I have quite a few Chaco Canyon pieces that are very well done. Was it made on a Monday?

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  • So disappointed, (OKLady7 OK)

    I had such high hopes for this ring. It is one of the most comfortable rings I've ever bought. I actually love the setting. I like the blue of the stone, though it is nowhere near as blue as the picture, much lighter with black matrix. Unfortunately, there is a large black spot on the edge. It looks like a grease smudge and is impossible to ignore

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  • Color like No Other, (DCFashionista DC)

    This is my first time purchasing Chaco Canyon. This ring as well as the other items are gorgeous. The color is magnificent and the silver craftsmanship is superb.

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  • just Gorgeous, (sdoona IL)

    Not for the faint of heart, but this is really a gorgeous ring. Fit was true to size and the color is spot on with just a bit of matrix. Love it!

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  • Makes a statement, (RocksToMusic IL)

    The photo is a bit deceiving. The turquoise is a lighter ICY BLUE than the picture, with some grayish matrix. But this is fine with me, personally. I have plenty of jewelry the darker blue green color. Not sure why people are saying to go up a size. The band itself is not wide enough to have to do this. I have a true to size 9 and the band part fits me fine. There's a bit of glue on the stone and some scratches. Not sure if I'll send it back as I love the color of the stone.

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  • Wow, (Charli423 FL)

    This is a large ring. Knuckle to knuckle on me, but I love it. Nice silverwork and a large Kingman stone. Mine is a nice shade of blue with just enough brown matrix to be interesting. People are going to notice this one.

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  • Beautiful, (Okiewater57 FL)

    This is a beautiful ring in all ways! Would have ordered a size larger if Id realized it runs a little small. But it works and I have the bracelet that matches! My husband picked them out for our anniversary! Lucky wife I am.

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  • AMAZING!, (Sedona711 OH)

    Color and quality of turquoise is fantastic. Sterling silver, design and workmanship is excellent. Love that mine has a little bit of brown matrix on one end that is in the shape of the number "7."

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  • Big and Bold, (kareno1 IL)

    This was my first Big Turquoise Ring I purchased. Loved the beautiful blue turquoise color. I guess I did not think that due to the size I had a problem with the ring not staying put and would turn on my finger. Again with regret I am sending back. Still love Chaco Canyon and will be back to buy again.

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  • Comfortable with nice stone, (carolynvvv CA)

    I really love the ring. The stone is a nice size and clean. The ring is very comfortable.

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  • SIZING ISSUES AGAIN , (Italydreams TX)

    Ring is good quality, but, TOO SMALL FOR SIZE ORDERED....7, but measures 6.25.....too expensive for this issue!I bought cuff to match, too bad doesn't work!

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