Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Anti-Breakage Spray

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  • Incredible without being heavy, (Momster1971 IA)

    I use this spray after every wash as a detangler (I have heavily processed highlighted hair) and it is a miracle worker for me! The entire Monoi line is fabulous and I no longer use the salon products that have the drying isopropyl alcohols-Carol's Daughter all the way!

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  • Save Your Hair, (BigBabyBoyBBB MI)

    This will keep your hair where it should be, on your head. This works on wet hair as well as dry hair. I'm telling you get this you will thank Lisa, for tangle free hair. Get it, get it ! get it!. You will Love! Love! Love it! You will give it five stars same asme. If any hair product deserve five stars this one does, its a hair work horse. I'm so happy I'm on autoship. If you have little ones that complaints with tangle hair, wet or dry this will work magic. No more tangle with this one.

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  • Excellent , (lady307 MS)

    An excellent product Ive had less hair breakage

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  • So happy with this stuff., (honeybooboo14 MI)

    Works so good with Long, Curly and very thick hair. It is healing my damaged hair and untangles it better then anything I've tried in the past. So glad I bought three bottles on sale. Will be purchasing more.

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  • love it, (YAMIRA FL)

    I never want to be without!smells great and best partthis product works!!!Thank you Lisa!

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  • BBQ, (BBQ1 MD)

    Very good product

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  • Works Great, (BunnyFace1 MN)

    My hair likes this spray a lot and I love this smell of it. I will be buying more of this line. My breakage is stopping!!

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  • AMAZING PRODUCT , (2bCharlieBob LA)

    This product is nothing short of being amazing. My hair is curly, and I do not comb it out regularly, so when I went to comb it out it was totally matted, and I just knew I had to cut the mats out of my hair, but boy was I wrong, I just sprayed this MIRACLE spray on it, and it immediately came untangled :o) I was so impressed I immediately ordered several bottles, and I am going on AUTO-SHIP so I can NEVER be without it. It literally saved my hair. THANKS, Carol's Daughter!!

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  • GREAT PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!, (love72 NJ)

    I like your anti-breakage spray it really work. I use the Monoi oil hair mask. I also use the monoi repairing hair set. Great job Lisa. Thank you and HSN. Have a bless day!

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  • Helps With Breakage Issues, (weazelluv CA)

    I've been using this product for several years now and can say that this product does indeed help my fine, thin and delicate hair untangle after shampooing and also helps prevent breakage. Good product!

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  • It works, (jstareyes CA)

    Love the way this product smells and it really does let my comb glide through with little to no hair breakage.

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  • LOVE LOVE LOVE, (Upperlevel IN)

    This anti-breakage spray REALLY WORKS!! I have used it before and bought it, again. I, also, bought one for my granddaughter whose hair shrinks and tangles a lot. I use it when my hair is wet or dry.

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  • Prevents Breakage, (Rachel331 NJ)

    It really works, I have very very thin fine dry curly hair. No Luster sad really. I hated putting any comb and brush thru it as more would come out. This spray lets me comb my hair and gives me some shine. I use this as my daily treatment. To attempt to keep more on my head. I would recommend this and if you want to curly blow out use the Oro volume spray to style.

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  • Love the smell, (feliciana FL)

    Leave your hair soft and smell so nice great product

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  • WONDERFUL for my hair, (Anonymous NY)

    I have thinning, curly hair and this has made a huge difference! My husband no longer finds my hair in the shower drain, he actually commented on that which is why I have it on auto delivery! Recently I went away for a few days and didn't bring it and immediately started having more breakage. I won't go without it again!

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