Bose All-in-One TV Speaker and Sound System with Dialogue Mode

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  • Returned, (Darlene585 NY)

    I know it's a good product, but I didn't get the first one. So by the time I received the second one my daughter had already purchased something else.

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  • Works great, (hem66 MD)

    I returned the Bose 300 smart soundbar and ordered the Bose TV speaker which is much better than that smart soundbar.

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  • Bose all in one tv speaker, (pinky874 NJ)

    Did what is expected I love it

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  • BOSE KNOWS, (1ladyBP NC)

    Im absolutely loving this BOSE sound system. It arrived and was packed to perfection. So easy to unbox and even easier to connect! Im a BOSE fanatic! Nobody does it better than BOSE. Thank you HSN and BOSE.

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  • Great buy., (dolphin2234 NY)

    I am very satisfied with the sound bar. Everything they claim about it is true. It improves the sound from your tv enormously. If unsure, try it. I really think you will be happy.

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  • Beautiful sounf, (vhhigg VA)

    Beautiful Bose sound! I am hard of hearing and have trouble with dialog on the tv. The Bose speaker has a good sound and dialog is much clearer.

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  • Excellent Sound!, (Margiemr IL)

    I purchased two because the other sound bars on my two Samsung TV, the music from a movies kept coming out loud, and when the music stops, I have to bring up the volume to hear the voices. This is an excellent product. When I turn on the TV the sound bar turns on which its an awesome plus!

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  • Great product!, (Murphy11033 MI)

    What a great product! With the cheap speakers that are put in all new TVs, no matter how much you pay for them. This is an outstanding product with great sound! I particularly like the dialogue button on the remote, so when youre listening to the news the voices are crystal clear, I also like the automatic on feature if you are connected to your TV by a fiber, optic cable or HDMI cable, the speaker automatically comes on with the TV. Downside is it does not turn off with tv

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  • Great Bose product!, (Skiter MD)

    This speaker is just what I hoped it would be - excellent sound and clarity. It pares down the distracting background music/noise and brings up the speech. Dont hesitate on this super addition to your sound experience. Sets up in about thirty seconds..!

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  • Great!, (taymk09 LA)

    Great sound. The control could be better. It's hard to know if you increased the Base or not. You only have the blinking lights to indicate it. The Base has only two levels. Should be better.

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  • Excellent!!!, (Delbnyc WA)

    Easy and excellent sound.

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  • Can't think of any right now, (Cakemomma7 CA)

    It's nice

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  • Bose Girl!!!, (Janky-1 NC)

    Easy and set up, BOSE FAN 100% In love with this purchase totally change the sound of my Samsung tv from 2013.

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  • Bose is excellent , (NikkiRDH OH)

    I have many Bose products, love them and their sound, this made my TV sound so much better. Easy to hook up, adds to movie and music programs, I should have purchased it sooner.

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  • Bose speaker , (MadameR PA)

    This speaker is the second one I purchased. It really improves the quality of the sound from my tv

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