Bodum Travel Press Insulated Coffee Mug

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  • is of sturdy construction & attractive, (muz3mint16989 FL)

    but the plunger not locking the grinds down on the bottom is a fail. initally it's difficult to get a good mix bxs plunger does not reach all the way down & as a consequence the coffee continues to seep getting stronger. bxs one must plunge repeatedly to wring coffee out of floating grinds it gets messy allowing some of the grinds to escape to the top. wanted to love these & having heard of bodum in the past expected more but this travel press is the worst. will be returning

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  • drippy coffee sludge left on the bottom, (dancat FL)

    This cost me $10.00 to ship it back and I could not get rid of it fast enough. I was looking forward to a nice travel press and thought this would be great. I was wrong. The plunger does not go all the way to the bottom thereby leaving over an inch between the screen and coffee grounds so it never "presses" This was a total waste of money and again, I lost $10.00 mailing it back.

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