Promo Designer Bird Bath 25 in x 17 in

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  • disappointing purchase, (Carolyn618 IL)

    The base is resin, not very thick but adequate enough to hold whatever you choose to use to weight it, but the basin is cheap-thin plastic. It warps & so the bird bath always looks lopsided even though the base sits level (I used a level on the brick to make sure it was level). I probably pd at least 2 times more than it's worth. I gave it 2 stars because it is usable but can't encourage anyone to buy it unless you get a good clearance price & aren't too concerned if the basin is a wanky.

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  • Terrible cheap looking plastic , (drummerguy CT)

    If shipping wasnt so expensive I wouldve sent it back right after opening box. Ugly and cheap looking. Certainly not worth $30+!

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