Blendtec® Designer 650 Metallic Bundle w/Twister Jar & 8-Year Warranty

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  • Blendtec Designer 650, (Scotah PA)

    I love this blender. It's easy to use, great presets. Very powerful and easy to clean.

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  • Hands down BETTER than Vitamix, (MrsWilliams7 NC)

    I've owned a Vitamix blender for years and while it was a good blender, I wasnt satisfied with how I had to literally stop and stir to get the consistency I wanted in my food items. Knowing that the local coffee shop that I frequent uses a Blendtec blender, I decided to give this a try, and boy am I GLAD that I did! This blender is so much more POWERFUL than the Vitamix, even without a tamper. I'm so pleased with this blender that I ended up giving my Vitamix to my daughter. Well worth the cost!

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  • Fantastic , (tstruegrit CA)

    I just started using this but so far it blends beautifully and is a lot less quieter than a vita-mix.

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  • Vitamix vs Blentec, (pzpy49 NY)

    I was in analysis paralysis trying to decide between a Vitamix or a Blentec. So I decided to buy one of each make a decision after trying them and send one back. I bought a 5200 Vitamix and a 650 Blendtec. I tested both for making smoothies, peanut butter, soup, and whatever else I could think of. In the end, I sent the Vitamix back. The Blentec has done very thing it said it would do and more. I even bought a third party Blentec tamper but I haven't needed it so far.

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  • DIY Chickpea Flour 4 approx. $1 a pound, (Cece_R ND)

    Wow I now make my own chickpea flour...about an lb for $1.00...soup from raw vegetables that are still considered raw because of the temp.... powder lemon jest is next... the best investment I have made..makes me love fresh fruits and vegetables because it's so fun to create with the Blendtec...

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  • No regrets!, (Cile LA)

    My favorite thing about this blender is the preset settings. The first time I used it, I was concerned that letting it run through the entire time would make watery smoothies. I trusted the setting the next time. It was perfect! Youtube comparison videos say that Vitamix is better because it comes with a tamper tool. Well, Vitamix wasn't on flex pay, but Blendtec was. So I bought Blendtec and I found a lid and tamper that fits. I've made over 20 smoothies and I haven't used the tamper yet!

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  • Amazing Blender, (Swampgurl FL)

    Love, Love, Love this blender. Ive only had it a couple weeks, but wow it does everything! Its very powerful & with an 8 year warranty you cannot go wrong with this purchase.

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  • Awesome, (chefdom729 FL)

    so simple to operate smoothies are great

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  • Best blender ever, (beannieboo CA)

    I was going back and forth on the fence about this blender regarding the price. I was pretty amaze of how much power it has and what it does. I said I'll give it a try since I have 30 days to decide if I want to keep it. It's definitely a well built product and I'm glad that it also came with a 8 year warranty on this product. I was happy to get rid of my old blender. It's definitely a keeper for me.

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  • Pleased, (grandma72 VA)

    Pleased with purchase. Haven't tried all the different settings but does a wonderful job on what I use it for. It is loud but that that bad. Would recommend.

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  • Best Investment Ever!, (Shellie12869 TN)

    I cant tell you enough how much I love this appliance. I have made peanut butter, smoothies, and soup. I use it daily! You will NOT regret this purchase!

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  • Smoothies..., (forever58 TX)

    I have made mostly smoothies, and only one soup and nut butter. It is very easy to use and clean. I agree that the soup is not really hot, but all you have to do is heat it in a microwave or stovetop. I have never had the other major brand to compare. It does fit under the cabinets, but the cord is very short.

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  • Love It!, ( VA)

    I have a Vitamix, but was so impressed with the presentation of the Blendtec, I decided to order one. I love this blender! It is so easy to use! I love not having to guess how long to make my smoothies, ice cream, etc... I love the power as well. The best part is being able to use disposable cups in the travel jar that I ordered to use with this blender. I wish I would have ordered one sooner!

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  • New experience, (ladydye5 OK)

    I've never owned a power blender before...i watched several demos...BT vs VM....what sold me was the homemade sausage competition...i will say I'm am definitely enjoying this machine....ive been making soup almost every day..i do wish it came with a recipe book besides one for twister jar for us newbys to powerblending.....i have not had any problems with my machine...luv the easy cleanup..

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  • So much better than my Vitamix, (Drnozzel AL)

    I bought the vitamix last year and was disappointed in how difficult it is to use with the plunger/stirrer. The Blendtec is so easy to use. I love it.

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