Spot Clean Pro Portable Deep Cleaner

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  • Handy, (TheLanes TX)

    I love this portable cleaner. My kids had a stomach virus and unfortunately threw up all over their carpet. With the smell and color, I never thought this little machine will do such an amazing job! The carpet looks brand new! The machine is easy to use, conveninet. It can be loud but it's not like it will be on all the time.

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  • Buy it and be happy., (2shortformyface6 NY)

    Hello HSN members,Well when I received my Spot clean Portable Deep Cleaner it took me a while to use it. You ask why? It was because I thought it was going to be a tedious job, time consuming and all the negative things you and I could think of. Well, I followed the simple instruction and I was sooooo happy. You should have seen the nasty water that came from my sofa. I can actually say I would have been embassed if someone was in my house seeing it. It is simple and easy to use. Thank u

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  • Ed Cooper, (jimcoopster GA)

    It was bound to happen. Finally, a product that lives up to its sales promo. This Spot Clean Portable Deep Cleaner is fantastic. It removed spots on my rug Stanley Steemer could not remove. I have cleaned 2 large rugs, one small rug, a couch, a loveseat, and spots off my bedroom carpet. This carpet cleaner really works great. Thank you, HSN for this product.

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  • Awesome, (jeppy89 MD)

    This thing is amazing. It works so well. It sucks hard and doesnt leave ur carpets drenched, and the shampoo that came with it smells fabulous. I would def recommend getting 1 of these.

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  • Incredible , (bigladyd DE)

    My mother in law and i bought this to help with pet stains on our carpets! It is awesome!! I have another carpet cleaner that i use to use but it does not compare to this one! It removed all the stains and the smell from our carpets!! They look brand new now! Definitely recommend!

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  • Best thing I bought for the house in 2018!, (CherryNicola IL)

    This little vacuum is AMAZING!!!! I have cleaned so many things, from my car, to the couch. I cannot recommend this enough to everyone. Worth every penny.

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  • Great,Great,Great, (louis_ FL)

    Love, love,love this machine. The suction is the strongest I have seen in a portable machine. It really cleans. You will not be disappointed. If I had one thing to improve, it would be you have to fill the water tank often. Other then that it's perfect.

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  • I love this!!!!, (Jessie_B VA)

    We purchased this Deep Cleaner after I researched for weeks for the cleaner that would be best for our needs; cleaning the seats in our car, spot cleaning our carpet, cleaning our couch, etc. I am shocked at how amazing this product works. We purchased a used van and some of the carpet was pretty nasty. We thought we were going to have to take it to a professional, but with this deep cleaner, we didnt have to!

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  • Outstanding for spot cleaning, (kermit1350 IN)

    Shopped around and finally for the money and the accessories that come with it,it's worth every dime! Reading the directions will solve almost every gripe that's listed in the reviews. I'm not kidding. It's not a miracle worker but I have had a red stain in my truck for about 4 years. I tried spray cleaners and still there. Used the Bissell on it and I can barely see it. Sucked up clean hot water,took off the dirty tank lid and evert hinges looks,smells great. I'm glad I Finally joined HSN. Th

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  • Best carpet cleaner around!, (MeMe19968 DE)

    I purchased this carpet cleaner to clean the food spots around my table. I tried using the can cleaner and it never seemed to get all the stains out. After using the Spot Clean Pro Portable Deep Cleaner all the sports are gone. Was easy to use and included everything I needed. Can't wait to try it on my furnatures!

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  • Awesome piece of equipment, (mousyeyes NC)

    Over the years I have purchased several Bissell products and have never been disappointed. Last week I purchased this item and received it a couple of days ago I've used it on several pieces of my upholstered furniture and I could not believe what great results I got with it I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a portable unit that does an excellent job cleaning another great Bissell product in my home

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  • Powerful!, (Carol2015 NY)

    I have an original Bissell portable machine and it works pretty good, so I was hoping I would be disappointed by this machine and be able to return it. No, couldn't do it! This one is so much more powerful and cleans much better than the original machine. Also, the spray does not spray beyond the wand. It sprays exactly where it should spray. And with 3 containers of formula included in the price, this was a bargain for me. Highly recommend when you don't want to take out the upright Bissell.

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  • Bissell Quality in a Small Package, (Jim695 IN)

    About a year before she passed away at 81, I bought my mother an expensive memory-foam mattress. I didn't want to throw the mattress out, so I bought the Bissell Spot Cleaner to remove some urine stains. I had to go over the spots several times, but I finally reached a point where I was getting nothing back but clean water. The mattress is now clean and dry, with no lingering odor. In fact, the included cleaning solution left a faint, but pleasant aroma. I gave the mattress to a friend who needed one, and he told me he hasn't noticed any hint of odor in three months, so I'm confident the Bissell machine was effective. The packaging was adequate to protect the product from damage during shipment, so mine arrived in perfect condition. Also included were three tools of various sizes, a quick-start guide and an easy-to-follow instruction manual. If you need to spot-clean a carpet or mattress, or to clean up after your pets, this little machine is perfect. Highly recommended.

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  • Great product, (essel VA)

    Works well removing stains and spills on carpets, cleaning staircase. Very happy with purchase.

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  • Very powerful, (yumyum63 FL)

    I would highly recommend this cleaner for everyone. Great for couches, great for automobile interiors. It is small but mighty..

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