BISSELL® SpinWave™ Hard-Floor Cleaner Bundle

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  • Great tool for wood floors, (mar83 KY)

    I was using a swiffer and this is so much better!I used a lot less water and the dirt stayed on the pad and when youre done just pop the pads in the washer!

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  • Love this, (pats433 MA)

    This Bissell spinwave is awesome my floors never looked so clean, so happy with this..Thanks HSN

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  • No need to look further, (30ishmom UT)

    Guys. This is it. This is the mop weve been waiting for. Toss your disposable mop heads and gross stringy mop heads. This is quiet, effective, and nearly no effort. Im so impressed I bought two more for Christmas gifts.

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  • Cleans wonderfully!!, (BeachBarbara DE)

    I have a lot of vinyl in my older home, and it's a lot of work to clean it. With 2 dogs going in and out their doggie door, it needs washing frequently. This Bissell SpinWave makes the job so easy!!! Like Suzanne says in the video, it cleans under the edges of the cabinets and refrigerator. Easy to use, glides with minimal guidance. Love it!!

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  • Awesome for LVP, (VickieJo503 OR)

    This is our second one. We loved ours so much that I bought one for my granddaughter for her new LVP flooring. We use water/vinegar in the tank and it cleans great even with 4 dogs. So much better than the pad style usually recommended by the floor store.

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  • cleaner, (ok09 WI)

    this works really well..used for all floors and for my shower floor

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  • The Best of de best, (pao3883 FL)

    I love this tem!

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  • bissell, (Kathy144 PA)

    I love it.

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  • I Love this! , (JenForsman MN)

    I love this mop-floor cleaner! I have 3 dogs and when it is wet out like right now the floor gets dirty everytime they go out. I bought a swifer thinking that would work good. I really did not like the smell of the pads and it took 4 pads to clean up every time so would be expensive. This cleans the floors so good and it is easy to use and then you just put the pads in the wash! Some reviews I read said that it did not do grout good but it did mine great! The floors feel so clean! Love this!

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  • Works Great! Affordable , (LynnLovesGifts AL)

    I have vinyl click flooring throughout my entire upstairs and this product works great! I took it out of the box immediately to try. The multi floor cleaner fills the tank when mixed per directions. I cleaned 3 rooms and only went through 1/4 of the tank, if that! The unit gently pulls you along, which I found didnt aggravate my back like traditional mopping. Even my husband was impressed. It literally buffs as it cleans. Will use on our epoxy covered flooring today.

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  • Prepare to be WOWED!, (tomn32827 FL)

    After receiving this product, I tried it on my tile kitchen floor. It was so easy to use I didn't have much hope that it would work that well. Boy, was I surprised when I looked at the pads? UNBELIVABLE! Hard to imagine something so easy to use is so efficient.

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  • Great mop, (kj75 IL)

    I will never go back to using a traditional mop again. Not only does this clean very well, it cuts the drying time. There is also no back & forth pushing of a mop. Going over the floor once is sufficient but I went over my floors twice. Works great on wood floors. It leaves the floors per clean. You can just throw the spin pads in the washer & call it a day. No hanging of a dirty mop to dry. I would 100% recommend getting this.

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  • Nice, (sullyyyyyy FL)

    Very nice does a great job love that you can wash the 4 pads that come with it. Very easy to use and does the job fast I would recommend buying this.

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  • If you hate to Mop this is for you!!!, (bubbles7882 FL)

    I was so excited to buy this as I hate mopping. This mop is truly awesome. It is self propelled so all you have to do is just direct to where you want it to go. It left my floors looking great and absolutely NO sticky residue was left behind after it dried. It also dried so much faster than using a regular mop. Highly recommend. You will actually like cleaning your floors now

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  • really works well, (sassylady55 FL)

    Very pleasantly surprised with my new Bissell Spin Wave. It is very well made and when turned on, it just glides across the floor with little to no effort on my part. As a senior citzen that is much appreciated. My floors look fabulous.

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