BISSELL® CrossWave Pet Multi-Surface Wet/Dry Vacuum

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  • Very thorough , (artist2202 WI)

    I was looking for an alternative to cleaning floors on my hands and knees and constantly changing water. After I do the floors, I go around the trim with a wet cloth and its amazing that the machine cleans so closely to the wall. The only learning curve I have found is that you cant go too quickly like you would with a vacuum cleaner. You need to slow down in the high traffic areas. I am extremely happy with this machine.

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  • love this one, (millard8 VT)

    Cleans Very Good rugs and floor never had a better one smells so good old rugs look new .very happy with it easy to use as well

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  • Love Love Love this!, (Dianne65 MO)

    I wish I had made this purchase years ago! I have 2 large dogs and am constantly sweeping. I have hardwood floors and tile, and the multi-surface cleaner really polishes them up! I like the multi-surface cleaning solution better than the one I bought separately for hardwood floors, though

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  • Makes cleaning so much easier, (agshop MN)

    Im not going to lie, I was mislead by the description of this and thought it was a shampooer for carpeting! But.. My downstairs and kitchen area has wooden floors. So I decided to give it a shot for cleaning that. I have two dogs that track in mud and sloppy eaters dropping food in the kitchen. It works very well and makes me not dread cleaning the kitchen floor. Pulls up the dog hair and cleans the dirt off the floor all at once. So for that, Im very happy with this accidental purchase.

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  • Love it, (Sugar000 TX)

    It's a little bit high maintenance because you do need to keep the vacuum clean for it to do a good job but for me it's worth it. It's picks up every crumb and spec of dog hair.

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  • Bissell cross wave, (Sandy97 NY)

    Use often. Next, I need the smaller spot shampooer. Cat having multiple problems, mostly in back of things.

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  • My Crosswave , (Champ345 FL)

    This is the first vacuum Ive purchased in 4 years. I couldnt be happier with my choice! The color and body style are beautiful. It is light weight, quiet and it works fantastic!! Even my teenagers are enjoying it! I highly recommend this product!

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  • LOVE IN A BOX, (_Vikki_ WI)

    I have only used this once, but I don't see any concerns going forward. I have 5 (yes 5) dogs and 2 cats. I cleaned three area rugs and laminate "wood" flooring on day one. My area rugs look amazing. I did use a little less cleaner than recommened on the laminate to avoid tacky floors, and my floors also turned out amazing. the machine basically cleans itself when done. The brush rinses itself out. There is a 3 year warranty, so I'm not worried about that either. I already registered =)

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  • Great product, (Mountain2OR OR)

    Just follow the instructions then I don't have any problems while using this product. It save my time and is powerful. I love it.

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  • Bissell Crosswave, (Santa0071 FL)

    Fabulous, we thought our floors were clean until we used this.

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  • Love this , (shorty415 TN)

    I love this machine it is awesome. Im older and I have pugs and they shed horrible this machine does a perfect job

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  • Wonderful, (jdyleach AR)

    I have lived ere 2 1/2 years and struggled with lament floors but this did a wonderful job. I am so pleased.

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  • Amazing product., (Menix2020 KY)

    I can't say enough good things about this product. I have had in for a couple of weeks now and it amazes me each time I use it!

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  • Bissell cross wave vacuum, (sbonds53 IL)

    This machine has been a game changer in my house. I can vacuum and mop at the same time and get the house really clean in half the time. I thought my house was clean before but now it's really clean and smells good, too!

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  • Love it!, (Bonbon67 AL)

    This machine makes my hardwood floors feel so clean on my bare feet. I needed to clean it up outside as it was so full of sand and hair and gunk the first time I used it. We don't even have a pet. Following the first use the clean-up is much simpler and can be done in the sink. My floors look and feel great.

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