BISSELL 3-in-1 Indoor and Outdoor Whole Home Pro Steamer

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  • Works like a charm!, (VegasLady-849 NV)

    This deep cleans everything I use this to clean cabinets, shower, etc. There are many different ways to clean, but the steam works wonders.

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  • Working great!, (Lakeside1 GA)

    Really like this steamer so far. Great for floors and steaming clothes. Ill expand my usage soon I hope it continues to work well.

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  • Works Better Than I Imagined, (tamariskisme OH)

    I've been using a Shark Mop-n-Vac and thought my floors were clean. This Bissel steamer did way better with the evidence on the pad. It comes with many attachments. It takes some practice to get the bathtub spotless. It is easy to fill and only takes a few seconds to get steaming. It is just a bit heavy but maneuverable.

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  • Love it, Michigan Ann, R.N., (playon MI)

    Always liked the steamers. Mine died and this was a great price and works well. Used to help little league popcorn maker get clean of oil build-up at the concession stand. All the volunteers were awed. Love the ease to use it.

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  • Workhorse!, (dina1951 TN)

    I have been using this for two weeks. To be honest, it is a love/hate relationship. I love it because it cleans like a dream. I have used it for a clothes steamer, window cleaner, floor cleaner, and a little bit of everything. My shower door looks new again. I really did not realize how much gunk that my regular cleaning products left behind. It just melts that stuff right off. Mirrors and windows shine! Now for the hate part. It is heavy. The cord is heavy/ bulky. But, it is worth it to me.

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  • Ok, not great, (Bebelina NV)

    It puts out a good amount of steam, but not quite as much as it seemed in the demo. The trigger bugs my finger after a while. I'd love a toggle switch instead. It works and I'll keep it, but it's not as powerful as I'd hoped for.

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  • Gisselle steamer, (AZLC AZ)

    Nice little steamer, heats up quick & attachment s are easy to change out. Nice long cord

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  • steamer, (ok09 WI)

    have not used it yet but a friend has a small bissel steamer and loves it

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  • Nice steamer, (Elmow2000 DE)

    I've only had this steamer for a couple of weeks, but so far I like it. I like that it has multiple uses, not just floors. Also, I like that the pads are washable. I wish there had been more than one for floors. (I am still trying to find out how to get more.) There are also 2 levels of steam which is nice.

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  • Hard to handle , (TuShay AL)

    I returned this item because it was hard for me to handle. I am 5"1 and have no strength in my hands, the machine is too tall and to heavy for me.

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  • Maybe its me, (weaslepants MO)

    The demos seem to be using a different product because mine does not preform the same way.The steam seems less powerful. Tried the outdoor window washing-not impressed. There seems to be a flow ball that hinders the steam so the angle needs to be just. The potential is there I think

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  • Bissell Pro Steamer, (carlrita NY)

    Not as powerful as I expected. Also very cumbersome. So sorry Oreck is out of business.

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  • Save your money, (Snackcake007 TX)

    Pros: packaged well. Attachements are handy. The hand held part is great and produces tons of steam for cleaning, hence the 3 stars. Floors dry quickly.CONS: the mop is heavy, the cord has no station to wind it on when not in use. The reservoir is small. Have to keep the trigger pressed all the time when using. It gives off NO STEAM onto the floors. The floors are wet when mopping but NO steam. The floor mop is useless in my opinion.

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  • false advertising, (lola211229 WI)

    HSN claimed that you can use tap water, I just watched the presentation again to make sure I wasn't imagining things. The manual clearly says to use distilled water. I'll probably keep it because it does some jobs but it is not that effective. I have to make multiple passes and it goes through a lot of water

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  • Awkward, (bigjop769 PA)

    No place for cord , floor attachment barely any steams floor , returning

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