BEYOND PAINT® Countertop Makeover Refinishing Kit

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  • Cou yet and kitchen cabinets, (kip1140 CO)

    I did the countertop and the cabinets over a year ago and I've had no problems and the kitchen just looks beautiful. I just love it. Everyone who comes to visit thinks I hired someone to redo the kitchen. My friend paid 37,000 to redo her kitchen and I have to tell you I like mine better.

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  • This is absolutely wonderful, (5Beachgirl5 DE)

    At first I was scared to use this paint then I decided to take a chance because I needed new countertops anyway so what did I have to lose .this paint is wonderful I did my kitchen and I can't believe how beautiful it looks this paint saved me from getting new tops love love love .don't be afraid to try it it does what it says.thanks hsn for having this product. 5 stars for sure.

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  • Great product, (dave54935 WI)

    Went on easy and my counter tops look great

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  • Saved me lots of money, (jcourtn1 CA)

    I was thinking about replacing the vanity in the Jack & Jill bathroom and saw this product and decided to give it a try. I wasn't looking for perfection, just an update - and was willing to spend a little and work a little to save a lot!I just finished and it looks terrific. Fresh, clean, light - I wouldn't say it looks like "marble" but it looks good. I put a frame around the big mirror, bought a new shower curtain/towels - so for about $200 total (and a week-end of working) it's a brand new room. I'm no longer embarrassed to have guests use it. I keep walking in there just to look at it.

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  • Great kit, (Thazz61 MN)

    Last year I had used a kitchen countertop paint kit. There were several scratches within months of doing that project.So I bought this kit, because I also had the option of using the sprinkles. The step process was easy and turned out great. Used only 1/3 of the sprinkles, but many have commented that the countertops looks fantastic. Some have asked if I replaced the countertops.

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  • Awsum , (Ki51 MI)

    Very easy to use and follow instructions. My only wish is that the flakes were a little smaller

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  • Love it, (daycares4 IL)

    This is a easy quick beautiful

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  • Great Product, (rosie484 LA)

    Bathroom countertop renewed and the results are awesome. I am so pleased how easy this was to do and how fast the beyond product was to adhere to the marble. I would highly recommend doing this first before spending a lot of money to replace the bathroom vanity. Thanks Beyond Paint & HSN this is a winner.

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  • Looks Professional , (Anonymous MD)

    This is a awesome product. My wife and I were saving money to buy granite countertops until we saw this product. I was skeptical about trying it because I thought there was a lot of work involved but I was wrong. This product was very easy to use. We are very happy with the outcome! Friends can't believe I did it myself. It looks just like granite! Buy it you'll love it!

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  • love my kitchen!!!, (imseagal CA)

    i live in a mobilehome and priced the granite counters (around $3000) for such a small overall surface. this was out of my budget but i could no longer take the dreadful "orange" laminate ugh!.. i did not have much choice with what was left on hsn so i picked the charcoal...i soooooooo love my kitchen now. every time i enter i smile... it took a couple of coats to cover and with the dreadful heat it took a few days and a little patience. well worth it. the directions are just what they show. do that and wait for drying time and work at times of day when the heat is not an interference...this was a money saver and i am very happy... i have purchased the paint for cabinets and cannot wait to start!!!!...

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  • Big difference, (92758greater NC)

    My bathroom counter really need something and this was so easy. Bathroom look great.

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  • Doggymommasviews, (Doggyfostermom AZ)

    Wish project related products had a longer return time. One cannot always do it on day's after arrival. Other things have to b done 1st

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  • Wouldn't buy Again, (Ketoret OK)

    If I could do this again, I would not buy this product. It ended up looking too 70ish with the flecks. I repainted my kitchen with products purchased locally (much cheaper) and I know have a "wow" counter top. It just was not worth the price no matter how much the hype was. YouTube your project first and save your money!

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  • Not the best, (TeeC33 PA)

    Its a great concept for a diy countertop paint set but when water gets on the khaki color paint it turns white. When it drys it goes back to the normal color but that is definitely a bummer! It also peels very easy. I followed all of the instructions and still it didnt turn out good. The on air instructions are very different then whats listed in the package. That is not fair to consumers who buy based off of on air presentations.

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  • Chip on, (bzbz IL)

    Not happy with this product. I have refinished other counter tops before. Never had a problem with doing them. I followed the directions to a tee. Waited 4 days before I put my appliance back. I saw a spot on the counter, ran my hand over the spot and to my surprise it popped off my counter, a big chip flew off. Checked the rest of the counter more pop off chips. That stinks. I worked so hard on this project. Very unhappy. Will try to return it. Will not recommend it. Now I need to buy new counter tops. They can not be saved. I will send them the bill!!

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