Better Not Younger Lift Me Up Hair Thickener Auto-Ship®

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  • AMAZING!!, (06nissan WA)

    I love this! I just add to damp hair and comb thru. Lots of volume, easier to style, stays in place. Try it - I think you'll love it. I can use less hairspray now.

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  • Meh, (BooBooMom MN)

    Probably my fault but I can't get any lift or fullness from this product. Disappointed.

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  • Amazing results, (ElizC01 MA)

    I am in my mid-50s and this product gives amazing volume to my thinning hair! A little goes a long way and the volume stayed for two days between hair washes. I find that applying to washed wet hair gives the best result but using it on dry hair in sections where you need more volume also works. Just hit those sections with a hairdryer and tassel with your fingers and voila- volume.

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  • Garbage, (Sharon1158 MI)

    Does nothing at all

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  • Hair thickener, (chattier MO)

    Works good. It helps my hair look a little thicker and easier to style.

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  • BNY Hair Thickener, (Indyfan IN)

    It has a clean smell and does a fairly good job lifting the hair but, I do not like the spray nozzle. Instead of a light mist, it concentrates a big spot of wetness. If they would change the nozzle, I would buy again. Otherwise, I will pass.

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  • Did absolutely nothing for my very fine hair , (Renee179 PA)

    Tried it several times with NO increase in volume/thickness at all.A waste of money for me. What a disappointment.

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  • Not worth the money, (eileens03609 NH)

    This product is a huge disappointment. I don't find that it lifts the root at all but makes the hair feel dirty. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

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  • Great for thin hair, (pbs4444 DE)

    A good thickener that does not ruin shine nor does it feel goopy. Highly recommend

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  • DiDiPell, (DiDi-P NJ)

    I've tried so many hair thickeners, mousses and root lifters for fine hair. This one really works!! I'm thrilled I ordered it on Auto-ship!

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  • Great hair thickener , (chattier MO)

    As I get older, my hair gets thinner and I have a bad cowlic on the back crown of my head. This works great to help cover that up.

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  • Awesome fullness!, (indypasha MO)

    I love the way this helps my hair act like it is fuller - and quickly too! After blow drying, & styling, I used a couple of squirts on my scalp at the crown (my trouble spot) and then spread it around & finger styled my hair. Fantastic results! Great fresh scent! So glad Im on auto ship!

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  • It works!, (mamabear321 CA)

    I have long, fine and thinning hair. It actually works. I lightly spritz the front and crown area after towel drying. It helps lift and add volume. Tricky to use at first because a lot comes out with each spritz. You can also spray the product into your hands and distribute through your roots as needed.

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  • Oh yes!, (JodyJo3 NY)

    I use this product on my roots while hair is damp. In conjunction with this product I use Opalex No.6 (from QVC) I start on my ends and work up through to the top. I DO NOT blow dry! I have fine long hair and I am amazed at the lift and fullness I get. The Opalex No.6 gave me the shine and smoothness but no lift. The Better not Younger gives me so much lift. Again, I do not blow-dry. I just let my hair dry naturally.This is a great product! THANK YOU!

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  • Great product, (HappyJo1 NY)

    Works!! Hair has such volume. Best part I rarely use a blower.

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