Bergamot 375

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  • Bergamot 375 rocks!!, (molly5molly5 MO)

    I just ordered my second bottle of Bergamot. I originally ordered it to see if it would help with my Supra Ventricular Tachycardia episodes. Well, it did that but to my surprise, in 6 months my triglycerides went down 51 points, my glucose is normal and so is my total cholesterol!! No change in my diet either. My levels were not much above normal so to have all 3 drop is quite a testament. It works on many levels. Im a happy 76 year old female so thank you Andrew!! Oh yes, NO side effects.

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  • A natural way to help manage my Cholesterol, (annabell2 NY)

    I just finished my first bottle of the 240 count. I have a Doctors check up later this week and we will go over my Cholesterol levels. Just taking these easy to take capsules is a great way to help. I just received my second bottle.

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  • Health journey , (rikita MI)

    I love everything about Andrew Lessman products. it is helping keep my A1c down,

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  • Excellent results !!, (Roseamena AZ)

    I was a nurse my career and have always watched my cholesterol. I am 69 and over the past 10 years, I have tried several statins due to elevated cholesterol, all of which caused me side effects. In Dec, I had my routine yearly physical - and after 3 months of Bergamot every evening, my cholesterol dropped 30 points !! And NO side effects !I am also enjoying Andrews Choco Nuvo squares every day (absolutely delicious ). Thank you Andrew.

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  • Always good supplements, (jgp123 NV)

    Always good supplements Andrews vitamin supplements is always good. I purchased all my vitamins supplements from Andrew only. It is truly the best .

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  • The Bergamot Taste AWFUL But lowers Cholesterol, (boys30 IL)

    I got the Bergamot to lower my cholesterol. This bergamot has a very awful taste. But I mix it with something sweet. I also take cholesterol care an chocnovo. I'm a 79 yr old lady 100lbs having to watch my health an cholesterol levels after I had the covid19. Really strip my body of my health an engery had Covid for 1 month. Slowly recovering.

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  • Unable to review, (bakergal TX)

    Dealing with some health issues, my doctor asked me not to take these so the bottle was not even opened. Sorry Andrew...I had to send this back.

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  • Disappointed , (lindadianna MS)

    I've taken this product faithfully, 2 everyday since I received them in July. I got my blood work done and my total cholesterol only came down 5 pts and the other Two markings, one actually went up. Too late to send back. Very disappointed I was actually excited about getting those results.

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  • Cholesterol, (Mim7 IL)

    When Andress is on HSN, he sounds so convincing and honest that I end up buying many of his products. This one because of high cholesterol, but until another test is taken I will not know if there is any improvement. I hope so as many products Andrew develops are extremely effective...fingers crossed

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