Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Duo - 02 Warm Golden Blonde

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  • Precision & Lasts!, (PhoenixRising9 TX)

    I use Benefit brow pencils but I usually purchase the pencil with the slanted tip and was worried I may not like the finer tip. Quite the opposite, great at defining my brows and lasts morning until I remove it, highly recommend!

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  • The Best, (rooney33 MA)

    I have tried many prestiege brow products but none that work like this one. The color is spot on for my blonde hair and the texture is great, easy to use and love the fine tip. The best I have tried by far.

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  • Love, (summer444 CA)

    I love this product. Goes on smoothly, looks natural and stays put.

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  • Not thrilled, (Sparklegrandma AZ)

    First try and the tip broke off and fell to the carpet where I cant even find it!

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  • Best brow product ever!, (gmaria56 KY)

    I have a box the size of a shoebox almost full of brow products Ive tried and this is my favorite so far. It is much easier to use than the others and looks more natural. Not every person is the same though.

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  • very good, (zabeth527 NY)

    this is by far the best brow pencil out there

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  • Awesome!!!!, (Olivya7 CA)

    These brow pencils are wonderful! Easy to use, dont dry or flake and are smooth and glide on.Thank you!!!

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  • Cool Grey!! Yeah!!, (BigGirl63 CA)

    Thank you for including Cool Grey as an option for us salt and pepper gals! Finally my eyebrows blend with my hair color. Looks natural! Thank you!

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  • Younger looking Brows! , (StarryNight01 PA)

    First off, these are sleek looking pencils and they feel sleek in the hand as well, reducing hand fatigue That actually counts, a LOT. Secondly, LOVE, LOVE the fact that two lids are shaped in such a way that when you sit them down, they stay put and do not roll off the counter. That's a huge frustration buster for someone who doesn't have the flexibility she once had. Most importantly, though, they work well to simulate more lush brow hair growth with a minimum of effort. I am a fan.

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  • Great brow pen, (Sorela FL)

    Great color 3.5 matching my dark brown hair, look greak even when I color my hair with redish tone. Very easy to use but if you twist the pen too far out it will break. Stay pretty good on my brows and last even better if I used the brow gel bought before in a set with a pen. I like it but not covers 100% my one white hair as well as IT pen so gave only 4star,but overall looks natural and great!

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  • Nothing better on the market, (Makanda TX)

    I have tried to find something less expensive that works as well. No luck. I have only used this, since I first started about five years ago. its really great in the summer heat or traveling to the tropics. I have an oily T-zone, this works for that.

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  • Looked so good, disappointed , (purple829 MA)

    This product looked so good. One stick lasted one week!

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  • Outstanding!, (Catwoman70 WA)

    At last! I have very grey eyebrows. Up until now, I could not find a eyebrow pencil of any brand that didnt make me look like a clown. That is, UNTIL NOW! The grey Benefit pencil is perfect. The color is great, perfect for me and easy to use. I dont understand complaints about how long it lasts. I left it on one night & the next morning it was still there. Thanks ladies for another great product. Now, I beg you yet again to bring back your IT stick.

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  • Ehhhh, (Sangriajones OH)

    Like using a No. 2 pencil with the same color intensity. Not impressed. The drugstore renders better and for less!

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  • Perfect!!, (chensee NY)

    There is no other company out there that does eyebrow like these! None!!! Ive tried them all. The secret to perfect brows is in the shape AND size of the brow pencil. Only Benefits got it right. I just wish if the price could be reduced. Otherwise, these brow pencils are the best!

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