Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow+ Brow-Volumizing Fiber Gel 2 Auto-Ship®

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  • Won't buy again , ( MI)

    Didn't work ..I had to really put force on my brows to use this product , seems to be dried out on the 1st use. Wasn't easy to put on unless u call putting pressure on use face just to use it

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  • Dried out, (bevster NJ)

    I could not wait until I received this item. Very very disappointed. The gel was so dried out that I couldnt even spread it on my brows. Going right back

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  • Not Impressed, (Lynnette55 KS)

    I am not impressed with this product and I typically am satisfied with most Benefit products. It is way too small or the price, nothing great about it. I have one by Maybeline that is way better, much much larger and way cheaper. I'd send this back if it didn't cost so much for shipping so I will use it but won't buy it again.

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  • Soooooo Disappointing , (NickiLaR NH)

    Was so excited to try this between the rave reviews and demos seen on HSN, but was utterly disappointed. It literally did NOTHING to my brows except make them wet and its not like you can really use this product incorrectly. My brows are getting sparse and have some bald spots. This product filled in nothing. Again, so disappointed.

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  • Horrible product , (hsn-newbee CA)

    As other reviews state I received this and the product was completely dried out!!! I could not get any product out at all? I really like this product but I would never purchase it from HSN again! With all of the negative complaints you would think HSN would fix it???

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  • Dissatisfied, (huckgee1 NV)

    Difficult to use. Required multiple applications to get the desired look. Tube seemed to be empty after 2nd use. Disappointing. Returned.

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  • BROWS, (scooterpie1956 WA)

    did not work for me....waste of money

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  • Mislead......, (lynndg46 NC)

    SAVE YOUR MONEY !! I had great expectations because it was a Benefit product . I tried , and tried to get ANY results with my eyebrows using this , and NOTHING !! I applied it every which way it was recommended , watched the broadcast several times, and still you couldn't see any difference and finally went back to my eyebrows pencil. I'm a mature woman so not my first rodeo with reputable make-up products. Good luck , and hopefully you'll have better luck ...

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  • HORRIBLE!!!, (katzup CA)

    This just does NOT work for brows... I thought the tube was empty - nothing was there to apply to my THIN brows! Maybe it worked for people who had thick brows but do not buy this if your brows are sparse!

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  • Returning, (Clss TX)

    Is not what I expected, nor was anything like what was displayed on tv.

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  • Did not work , (thisistoomuch231 MD)

    This product did not work for me. Did not give me any eyebrow. Returned

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  • Very dissapointed!!, (MARTA10 MA)

    First one I purchased was dry or just plain empty. I gave it a second chance, it was exactly the same. Very disappointed!!

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  • does not work, (lovesflowers7 FL)

    does not work for me

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  • All dried up!, (lollywood FL)

    I was so looking forward to receiving my Benefit Gimme Brow but was very disappointed. Product was all dried up and didn't do anything. I've purchased Benefit products (mascara) and no problem. This product was defective so I returned it and should not be charged.

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  • Back, (Derbs CO)

    Received the wrong color first shipment; had to wait weeks to get the right one and then it went back w/this one. Between the two shipments I'd be lucky to cover two brows. There is no product. And for the money!?? Get serious!!

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