Benefit Cosmetics 3-pack BADgal BANG! Mascara

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  • Not for me, (yng57 GA)

    This is great mascara if you are young and like really black, heavy lashes.I looked like I had a black caterpiller on my eyes! LOLI will stick to Benefit Roller mascara.

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  • Not happy, (cc419 MO)

    Super excited to try this product. Had issues with clumping and made all my eyelashes stick together instead of separating them. Also, zero lift, created no volume at all and that was even after curling my lashes.

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  • Waiting , (SUSIEBQ AR)

    I ordered this weeks ago. I have yet to receive it. I cannot get updated tracking info. I have emailed customer service and they have not responded. I am experiencing the same thing with another order from their other company, QVC.

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  • Not as shown, (bunny1557 FL)

    Not any different than drug store mascara. Didn't do a thing for me! Vert disappointed. I'd give it a zero if I could.

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  • BAD Mascara Bang, (ginasmom PA)

    This product simply did not work for me. It did not curl my lashes, it did not last as advertised, and I did not like the applicator. Going back.

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  • Hsn, (Cld301 OH)

    Be careful when youre ordering from Hsn they do not have free exchanges. I will not be ordering from them again!

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  • Baaaaad, in the worst ways., (parkway NJ)

    It clumps lashes. The wand bends when applying which contributes to the clumping. The formula never fully dries so it smears and smudges if touched. THE WORST. Could not wait to return it! Baaaaaad.

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  • Worst mascara, (balli1889 NC)

    I was very disappointed in this mascara, one of the worst I have purchased. It does not curl, it does not lengthen. I hate the brush. Would never buy again, going back.

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  • Something not right, (joyboysbaby36 LA)

    Really excited to get this until I tried it. Very clump and within a few hours I had flakes all over my face. Would not suggest this purchase to anyone

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  • DONT !! , (sewcrafty29 PA)

    This mascara is terrible ! The worst Ive ever tried ! The formula is extremely wet , it flakes and clumps ridiculously and takes forever to dry ! I have drug store mascaras that perform 10 times better !

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  • Didn't Work for Me!!, (purchaselover NY)

    I couldn't wait to use this product. However, upon trying it the first time I was disappointed. This mascara clumps onto my lashes making my eyelashes look awful. Taking this product off was even harder. I used Zero and it still wouldn't come off. It took several days and different product to remove it from my lashes. Unfortunately, I will be returning this 2 pack of mascara.

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  • No , (blue302 AZ)

    This has got to be the worse mascara I have ever used, its comes off the brush in very thick lumps on your eyelashes, my eyes are so itchy . Definitely not happy with this product ,

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  • Garbage, (Audrey_T NY)

    Got this yesterday, tried it today and back it goes! Why do these high end cosmetic companies think it's perfectly OK to sell garbage to us? You can't use this BANG! mascara unless you wipe ALL of the BANG! off of the wand...does that sound like a good mascara? Maybe it's me!!I've spent more money over the last year on mascara than I have on shoes and they're all awful. Are we all supposed to have tarantulas for eyelashes? Can't do it...sorry! It's very frustrating.

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  • Not again., (SusieQshopper OH)

    My daughter and I both have this mascara. We both will not order again. It rubs off under your eye, I would not give it one star, but had no choice.

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  • Yuck...not as good as Benefit Roller Lash, (cheryl435 OH)

    Very thick and clumpy. It didn't flake and stayed on but looked horrible like I used 3-4 coats. I love Benefit Roller Lash...beautiful one coat coverage with great separation. This has togo back.

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