Benefit Cosmetics 2-pack Boi-ing Light Concealer with Brush Auto-Ship®

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  • Concealer, (Hero559 CA)

    Has anyone noticed that the black color comes off after a while & bleeds on the concealer. Disappointment a throw away!!

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  • Just OK Concealer, (Lizzieshopper MA)

    I thought I'd try the solid concealer with brush. It matches my skin, I watched demo of it being used more broadly with the brush, say to cover your chin. Container is tightly closed; feel it dried out, harder to spread. I prefer their other concealer.

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  • Coverage is sketchy , (Tonytmom NM)

    This is not a concealer. After applying and even adding a second layer, I could still see my skins imperfections. Its easy to apply though and stays in place. Okay as a light, quick fix for a trip to store.

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  • Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Light Concealer, (Kat754 OH)

    I thought it was cakey. Maybe it's the way I put it on. I did not care for it.

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  • Boi-ing concealer with brush , (lawyer7 FL)

    Did not work as shown on tv it did not cover my blemish May be l needed a different shade .

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  • good color, (ripley02 AZ)

    doesn't do what I thought it would

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  • Makeup , (LMK3 IL)

    Did not cover like showed on tv

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  • Disappointed , (MJonsey NJ)

    I thought the coverage would be better. Liked the brush. Did not return as I am using the concealer with other makeup and not alone. Also, it did not go on smoothly. Did not like the consistency of the cream. I was disappointed with the product as it was different than what was shown on t.v.

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  • Not impressed , (Lisa827 GA)

    Too dark and makes skin look dirty so if you try this go a shade or two lighter than you normally do. As far as concealer no just NO!

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  • Changed?, (NAMOR TX)

    Im disappointed in this concealer. I used up a pot and repurchased but it is not the same? This is dry and accentuates lines under the eyes.

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  • not moist, (1reviewer CA)

    The texture was on the dry side when applying it!

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  • Benefit concealer, (tan1948 FL)

    When I first got this product, I said, finally something that really might work for my 70 something skin. Wrong. I am a make-up and skin care junkie. I keep on trying products that look like they might work, but in the end I just waste my money. This does nothing for me, as usual. When will I ever learn?

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  • Not the right shade, (Aurora42 PA)

    I ordered light, but it looks really dark! I do like the way it covers, so I guess I will only use this in summer when I have a tan. The brush, however, is awesome.

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  • Limited Coverage , (Pixie333 AL)

    I bought into the hype of the salesperson presentation. Hype is all it is because the actual coverage of under eye darkness did not happen. I repeated the application and still not .

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  • Not like I remembered , (Savvylady1 NY)

    Years ago I loved this product and recall it went on easily--glided on with a light, creamy consistency. However, this product is not as creamy, and does not glide on. I don't use the brush as it is kind of rough, so use my finger. I have to put moisturizer on first to help it smooth out. Disappointed. Makes me wonder if the product is getting older and that's why it was a 2 for 1. Will not order again.

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