Belmont Garden Metal Lite Garden Hose

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  • 2nd order, (cmofsocal CA)

    Second order So far in heat of so cal desert living holding up. Compared to the green material light hose.Simply purchased nice pot store quickly place green shrub globe Decor Live corner house . Lol husband proud says drill hole for hose. Not detach from facet simply place in pot place matching globeNew garden lol thought real from curbYup perfect

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  • 1, (bl4 NC)

    did not like.

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  • Useless Hose, (Highroller3 OH)

    Only lasted 3months once hooked up before severe leaking in the middle of the hose. A waste of money on an inferior hose I purchased and received. Useless now!

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  • Poor, (butkuslg VT)

    Bought in April, began using in May.Started leaking badly in June.Always released water after use.Will NOT buy again

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  • Very light-weight , (NeNeathome GA)

    I love that this is so light and flexible. It does not tangle.

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  • metal hose, (198-smh8 NY)

    the hose is leaking in the middle and can't be repaired. Only used for watering plants for approx 4 months

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  • Junk, (phil716 KS)

    Leaks everywhere you just as well take a shower thats how much it leaks. Its the biggest waste of money I have ever spent.

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  • Up to you, (MEC38 MD)

    Ordered 3/17/21. Got it 9 days later. Put it outside in backyard 4/28. Then on 6/13 went to use and it had a bad leak about halfway of hose. To late to return as HSN only gives you 30days. Sent email to Belmont but havent received an answer.

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  • Leaky mess, (mj35 MN)

    Hose worked for about 2 weeks and then massively leaks all over so you get soaked every time you use it no matter what attachment nozzle you use. It is basically worthless and would not recommend. Very disappointed in quality.

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  • Metal hose, (reedjud KS)

    Nice sturdy hose but I couldn't get enough water pressure through it.

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  • hose, (pslee1558 OH)

    no pressure just bare;y comes out very very disappointed in this product

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  • Melissa , (Gough MD)

    I purchased this hose in March and this hose has bursting not a good hose Sun Joe's is better it has a warranty

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  • terrible pressure, (dianaj6 OH)

    in video of product they keep talking about how lite the hose is but they fail to state the pressure of hose is also lite. Purchased to use with pressure washer but not enough pressure for it to work.

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  • Belmont Garden 100 Metal Garden Hose, (BS16 SC)

    So far so good . I havent used it much but seem to work well. I like how it doesnt knot and twist up and light weight.BS

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  • Would not give any if I could, (countrylover FL)

    Have had it on reel since March this year. Used it 5x has huge hole in it. Was hoping this was better than junk from qvc...nope.Does company stand behind their product? Hope so.

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