Bell + Howell Ultrasonic 9-pack Total Home & Garage Pest Repellers

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  • Do not recommend , (naopy IN)

    Does not work

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  • This product does not work , (Datbink NY)

    I have them thru out the apt and I m watching TV when a mouse walks out. My neighbor told me to try the product. red light flashes but dont think it works also the ones with socket to plug in is not useful as my sockets are three prong but a nice feature

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  • Doesn't appear to work, (300risetea VA)

    I used all nine of these throught the house and woke up to a mouse on a sticky pad this morning. I should have listened to the reviews and not waste my money.

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  • Would give them a negative review if I could...., (Hormnalhilbily TN)

    These are the most useless things I have ever ordered. I had a mouse run under one of them, that's how useless it is. Very, very disappointed.

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  • Does NOT Work, (wanda2010 FL)

    I am truly disappointed. I bought this for a 2-Br apartment that had a roach infested condition since before I moved and I plugged one of these devices in each room. I put 3 in the main infested area (my kitchen) as well as in other areas. I am still seeing live roaches (1 month later)! Can I return these fir a refund?

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  • Don't waste your money, (JannieL CA)

    These do not work. I put one in my kitchen and the mouse I was trying to get rid of first instead of killing it and it made messes inches by it. Same thing outside under my patio. The rat also made messes I cleaned each day and they came back. You can hear the pulsating noise also, very irritating. A few have night lights that are nice. Don't work.

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  • Dissatisfied , (shsa TX)

    Put these in every room. Doesnt keep roaches away. Still seen in house. Dont work

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  • Bell+Howell Ultrasonic 9-pack Pest Repellers, (Vannie74 MD)

    Extremely satisfied, love this so much I gave it as a gift. Works very well. Price is right

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  • repellers, (MaceyLB VA)

    have only had for a few weeks - hoping they do what they profess. . . wish a few more would have had the extra plug option. . . .

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  • Bugs, (Uugotme IL)

    I like the thought of this product, however woke to spider on the wall with a unobstructed repel disk near ..I know it suppose to be ultrasonic but not sure it really does what you say.. Could not recommend at this time based on my experience.

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  • It's a GREAT idea IF it worked!!!, (SinginRonn OH)

    I plugged thes in and I had moths that settled on the wall within INCHES of the device! It's a GREAT idea IF it worked!!!

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  • works for me, (Shamus3 NY)

    This is my second purchase..I buy them once a year..I think they work pretty mice, no spiders

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  • DO NOT WORK., (fior225 NY)

    The only thing these pest repellers do is blink! Sadly I didnt investigate them until after I got them, but a study done by Kansas State University showed they had no effect on insects or rodents.

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  • Just installed these, (bikingguy1954 TN)

    Pleasant to look at, some have a night light built in, decent light.Not sure if it works yet haven't had long enough

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  • These work!, (Mama-kahuna AZ)

    I have purchased Bell +Howell pest repellers before. They do work. I find them to be especially effective against spiders and fleas. They work against mosquitoes and flies but it takes 2-3 days to see results on the flies and skeeters. They dont work on really tiny insects like gnats.

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