Bell + Howell Bionic Burner Deluxe Weed Killer with Wheels

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  • Bionic Burner, (Bev154 NY)

    When I saw this gadget advertised I was skeptical. But because it was coming from HSN I felt like I could try it and return if it didn't work. I live in Buffalo NY so when the first snow came, my nephew used it to clear the steps and sidewalk of ice. It works like a charm. What a wonderful product!

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  • Bell and Howell Weed Remover, (omaxthree NV)

    Wonderful but now must wait until summer, to finish. Works great.

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  • Great for brick patios , (kimfused WV)

    Makes life much easier than hand weeding a large brick patio.

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  • not sure, (Harrison3 VA)

    The first time it worked great but when used the second time not as well.But will give it another chance!

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  • Bionic burner, (weed19 AZ)

    Not impressed

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  • not the same, (CYNTHIAMC62 MO)

    just got it ,used it ...not the same on HSN . cheap, it shows on video another end ,we don't get. .. it took to long . and I would never leave it the guys says, i had leaves in the way and they caught fire.

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  • Does not work as advertised, (Bootsie754 MD)

    This product takes 5 or more minutes to burn a weed.

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  • not pleased, (phaedra50 NY)

    hubby's fault,however,bark mulch was close to the weeds, ignited my $250 dwarf pine in seconds, melted vinyl porch post, and trim...and my replacement cost-ins. claim was a %....$3325 to replace melted porch---be careful when aiming ...

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  • I should have listed to the other reviews, (lthur714 TN)

    This thing is a joke. Didn't do anything. I think mine might be defective.

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  • Does not work , (Britegirlstepha4 NY)

    Does not work. Easier to just sit and pull the weeds. Also worried about starting a fire.

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  • Waste of money, (rehsdh23 IN)

    Very slow and takes forever on one weed. Much faster to pull the weeds out yourself.

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  • Jessie , (jezzabelle00 OR)

    Dont not buy! No shipping label included. Cost as much as unit to return on own.

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  • don't buy, (Stuart77 NY)

    not as presented. I'm very dissappointed that HSN would have such inferior products. Too late to return as our weather did not permit opportunity to try during 30 day limit.

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  • Not Good, (Jackie542 GA)

    I returned mine just waiting on refund. It takes too much time over 1 weed to kill it. No one wants to hold this product over 1 weed for what seems to be forever, and you have lots more weeds to go. It is quicker to dig the weed out yourself.

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  • Weed killer, (Pia659 OR)

    Very disappointed! I left it on weeds for a long time and never wilted at all!

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