Bell + Howell 8-pack Stone Solar Ultra Disk Lights

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  • Boo!, (westierats OK)

    I loved these they all worked for maybe a good month! Blah!

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  • Sad, (olecyn CA)

    Unfortunately, half of them dont work

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  • Would not recommend, (jeannewi FL)

    Did not last 60 days. Would not recommend.

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  • Not that great, (caudillo47 CA)

    Did not like .I had 2 that didn't work poor quality

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  • Don't waste your money!!, (intofitness AZ)

    I purchased 18 of these lights have had them only a few months and 1/2 of them do not work any longer. I live in Arizona, so we all know it's not due to lack of sun!!! I read some other reviews on this product and many stated that their lights stopped working after a few months. HSN you better start QC'ing your products a little better. What a waste of my hard earned money!!! Do you think they will give me a refund if I send them back? Stay tuned.........

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  • Solar Disk Lights, (StellaK31 NJ)

    Received my order as stated when purchased and the product looks nice. However, 3 lights stopped working after 1 week.

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  • Dont Buy Solar Disk lights!, (Bev185 FL)

    These are good looking and easy to install, HOWEVER 2 of them have already stopped working even though they are in bright sunshine for more than 6 hours. They are not just dim, they dont come on at all. Sure that the rest will go soon! Money waisted!

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  • Super Bright, (desert6 TN)

    These are very bright and they blend in with landscape. I placed them around the edges of my sidewalk and by driveway. I also placed it on each column to my home entrance. They look like rocks or stone and are simple to use.

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  • Rip off, (melon10 PA)

    Dont waste your money. Some work some work for awhile and some dont work.

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  • Cool looking lites, (peg66 PA)

    They worked great after one day in sun. I spread them around my patio makes a great lighting effect. Love the stone look.

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  • Bell + Howell Disk Lights, (Bevie26 MI)

    They seemed very good for one or two nights now I noticed they are not on all night, and one does not light now at all they all get the same amount of sun. Should have known better have a problem with every Bell+ Howell products I have purchased!!!

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  • Bell and Howell disk lights solar one , (Baso5 FL)

    some lights don't light up. all have been in the SAME sunlight for days. they respond like one has had them some days, months, years, very unreliable. in the kindest thing i can say about them, knowing what i know now, i wouldn't even have them for free. with all do respect, they are terrible.

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  • Bell & Howell- Do not purchase, (stelyg OR)

    I bought this product and was very disappointed. Only 2 of the eight worked. And the 2 that did work stayed on all the time and did not work properly. With the first and 2nd one I thought maybe it was a defect. I do not recommend this product for anyone. And I will not purchase anything from this brand no matter how tempting. I love shopping with HSN and do not have issues with the products I buy. Except for this one.

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  • Looks great, (MaxineRocks TN)

    Looks are fine, but function not so much. I purchased 2 sets and initially only 1 didn't work very well so I lived with it. By the end of 4 months, only 2 of them were working. I do not believe they are robust enough to be used outdoors.

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  • Not a good purchase, (misslibra60 OH)

    I love the look of these solar disk lights bought for my camp. Only 5 of the 8 work, my husband tried to look into what was wrong and they were rusted inside when he opened.I would have returned but it was over the 30 days.I bought because of the look and the Bell & Howell name.

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