Bell + Howell 2-pack Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

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  • Good concept, (pm1234 CA)

    It's cold, so I won't know enough about the efficiency until it's warms up. Although, I have only seen one spider since then. That's good.

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  • Nothing but a gimmick, (Rocco406 NY)

    Received these hoping they might help a little bit with my roach problem in a New York City apartment. Upon unpacking them ,one didn't work ,and the other one only one light came on and then I read the reviews and I see that they really are useless I'm returning them.

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  • Pest repellers, (Eeeeeeee MI)

    Sorry this does not work. Mice are still here. Very disappointed

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  • bell howell, (power7 NC)

    this product do not work sorry

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  • So Disappointed., (meile8m16 NJ)

    So disappointing, I bought this to keep away ants and spiders. The ants and spiders are still here. The ants runs around right in front of it, all over the garbage can. This clearly means it does not work and yes, both lights are blinking. I will be returning.

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  • dissapointed, (roeroe3 NY)

    i thought these would work, since they said they were new and improved.To keep away mice spiders etc.Well the mice droppings are still there in excess and the spiders that i hadare still coming into my far as i am concerned, it was a waste of money. Why say it keeps out mice when it does not.

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  • Works great, (genekeys MO)

    Works very well satisfied with purchase

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  • pest repellers, (skip29 NV)

    does not work!!!!!!!!

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  • Only one works, (lornaHu TX)

    I received a pair. One lit up and actually works well. I no longer see the little spiders that were popping up.The other one is damaged, I returned it and hope to get one that works.

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  • Ok, (gr8cogic WI)

    Again the flies

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  • Really seems to work!, (Duchess8240 MI)

    Have had these now for 5 months and so far NO mice! We live in the country and are surrounded by woods or corn fields (a great testing spot for this), so chipmunks and mice are always an issue.... It's now mid-fall (when they like to move indoors) and so far nothing! I am prompted to buy more than two (we have three levels) but they say I don't need to.... Let's hope this does the trick! I hate even one mouse in the garage muchless in the home!

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  • A dud, (Grammy9 OK)

    These do not work. Had the first edition and second, they never worked either. Had mice in the house!!

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  • My opinion, (CBM3 AL)

    These do not repel anything! The light comes on and off, but ants and gnats come and go. Can I have my money back? It's a scam! You don"t deserve one star!

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  • Disappointed , (KarrieBorst IN)

    I had owned one of these for years, but made for a different manufacturer. I was excited to see these available on HSN.I received these at the beginning of May. Already one has stopped working.

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  • disappointed, (kat695 NY)

    I know that Bell and Howell is a very good brand, but I am not happy with these. I originally bought them because we tend to have a spider issue. They have been plugged in for about 2 months now and I'm still getting just as many spiders, yuk! Total disappoint!!!!

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