Beekman 1802 Pure Goat Milk Whipped Body Cream Duo Auto-Ship®

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  • Pot of gold body cream, (sfcustomer AZ)

    The body cream is moisturizing but shimmer is very faint. Had hoped for more depth of shimmer

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  • Like the smell and the moisturizing texture. , (summer2154 NJ)

    Im very happy that they brought this scent back. My favorite is still vanilla absolute.

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  • Honey and Orange Blossom, (bnd5 NY)

    Almost correct scent so giving a try hope to see a good product with positive results

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  • Little shimmer, (badgergirl WI)

    This body cream is very nice gives me a little shimmer & glow to my skin.

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  • Does What it claims, (Venegirl65 PA)

    Very nice!

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  • Extra moisturizing for my legs, (Cookie835 FL)

    My first set was the Lilac which I loved. This Fresh air moisturizer is wonderful for my legs. I use it after my shower each morning. The scent is not what I expected. My grandfather kept a goat in the backyard for my mother. she could only tolerate goat's milk as a child.

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  • different smell, (ritasister PA)

    I love the cream I was a little disappointed thought the smell would be different but it wasnt a bad smell. I really like the way the cream feels on your body.

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  • Great smell, a touch greasy, (Dickie56 VA)

    This product really has the consistency of whipped cream. I love the smell in honey grapefruit, and I like the fact that I can smell it, but it isnt overpowering for other people around me. It took me a little bit to learn how to make sure I could put this on without it being greasy though. Your skin has to be a little bit damp when you apply it, then this goes right in. Its best right after the shower, or I even use it when Im finished washing dishes, to make sure my hands dont dry out.

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  • Luxurious but Hardly Scented, (breeathe IL)

    I love the luxurious texture of this body cream; however, I can barely recognize the scent both in the jar and after I applying it to my skin. One of my main reasons for ordering this product is because of its calming, fresh scent, but this product is lacking in aroma.

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  • Good body cream, (Vany66 IN)

    I love Beekman body creme and it's the only cream I use. I wished there was less lemon blossoms fragrance in the honeyed grapefruit cream. It's overpowering the other scents. I don't like too much fragrance.

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  • LOVE the scent, (ozark15 OR)

    I love the scent and we get it in the soap too. Wish they would just make a super size instead of two smaller ones and wish it was a bit more moisturizing but other than that, one of my favorite body cream scents ever because it is a fresh, clean scent, not too floral or powdery and not sweet.

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  • Scent is not what was expected, (CHERYLGOLD GA)

    Wonderful product. Lavendar scent is not what I would call traditional but quality of the product wins. Would be nice if had a 1 ounce sample pack of all available scents.

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  • Beekman Body Cream, (CaliforniaGal1 CA)

    The body cream is my favorite Beekman product! I tried a new scent, but did not love the smell. Took off a star for not being able to exchange and had to do a return.

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  • Great cream, not much smell! , (mtcrind OK)

    I love the creams from Beekman. I have several. I use the soap, cream, lotion, etc. I was so excited to see Lavender. It is one of my very favorite scents. However, you can barely smell lavender. I added some essential oil to the cream, so I am keeping it.

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  • Lavender cream is great, but.. , (Darkmorbid1 IN)

    Cream is very moisturizing and is great as always but.. The lavender scent is to light, can hardly smell it. Therefore I could only give it 4 out of 5 stars. Was kind of dissapointed.

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