Beekman 1802 Milk Drops Probiotic Ceramide Serum

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  • Nothing special, (sueeich456 FL)

    I found this product just ok. My skin is kind of on the sensitive, dry side right now due to Retin-A use. I like to use a moisturizing serum during the day under my sunscreen to give me an extra boost of moisture. To be honest, I felt like this made my skin drier as the day went on. It's not a terrible product; just a little expensive for what it is. Also, the packaging is entirely over the top; a oversized glass dropper jar, then it's in a bag and that bag is placed in a plastic box. Crazy

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  • Silky product, (sharon1123 MO)

    I purchased this item because I researched benefits of ceramides. And the bottle is pretty design but the dispenser needs some redesign for sure. It has a little "bulb" on tip which gets caught up on bottle lip. About the product, it goes on silky and smooth. However, like other reviewers, I find that this product is beginning to dry my skin. So I'm using it only once per day. That could be what's supposed to happen but I don't like my face feeling that taut shortly after application.

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  • Great at First, (DeeDee1951 TX)

    I noticed the difference in my skin after the first week. But then I noticed the more I used the product. There were areas of my face, chin and between my eyebrow started to dry out. So, now I only use the product at night before bed. I have another bottle, will decide at use if I will re-order.

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  • not convinced its a benefit, (HypoAllergenic IL)

    While it made be trendy to try probiotic, it made my skin red (a marketer may call it bright). Im interested in calming rosacea, not flaring it up with redness. Im not convinced this is a benefit. I feel like the boys are all over the place trying to expand product base (w/ too many fragrances and product lines) instead of focusing on clean, fragrance-free goat milk niche. There is a market for those of us who have sensitive skin and want natural, nourishing skincare.

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  • Probiotic drops, (Toby0729 AZ)

    Argan milk is much better. Not a bad product but not the quality I had expected.

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  • Dried my skin, (Joey1123 MO)

    I appreciate that there is no scent and that serum doesnt feel sticky. I have dry sensitive skin. After using this serum for 2 weeks, my cheeks were splotchy and dry. Feel product is better suited for Normal or combination skin types.

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  • not for sensitive skin , (DLKNYC NY)

    While it got great reviews and seemed great, my face turned red when I applied it. Very disappointing.

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  • Why switch the milk drops to dream serum?, (Kendallvue1 CO)

    Im writing this review because while I liked the serum, now theyve come out with a new dream serum and it ticks me off when we have bought one share of only a few months before and they come out with something completely new. What happens to those of us who have this product on AutoShip? Beekman boys need to explain and give us an explanation.

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  • Im not sure if this does anything..., (shawne7 NC)

    The packaging is 10/10, no doubt. Beautiful frosted glass with a dropper to dispense the perfect amount of product. The consistency is good, like a thicker serum, and it has a milky color that blends in. But its the scent that Im really not fond of! I could tolerate that if I knew for sure it was doing something, but after using it consistently for a couple of months I honestly didnt see enough of a difference to repurchase it.

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  • Milk Drops, (healthnut4 NM)

    I am a little disappointed with this product. I have been using it for almost two weeks. The consistency is thin which is good but it leaves a sticky feeling on my face. I use only a little bit. The one good thing, my face is soft.

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  • Nice glass bottle, (kscott0731 NY)

    No, No, No! Left my face red & burning. I have fair skin and did a patch-test on inner arm without a problem. However, once applied to face (only a small drop on 2 fingers) and experienced a stinging that I've never had from a skin product. It felt like a high-retinol formula, though it does not contain that ingredient. I also did not care for the tacky texture of the serum. I would advise, use with caution. The bottle is nice, dropper could be improved however.

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  • no results, (fonti LA)

    love beekman, but have been trying all products to see how they actually work My aunt 80s, my daugher 20s and myself 50s tried for over 30 days with no results at all! going back

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  • Not What I Expected, (Anonymous KS)

    I love Beekman 1802 wipes, soap, hand cream, and body butters, so I was really excited to try this new line. Well, it is definitely NOT what I expected. The serum goes on very sticky and tacky and immediately caused my face to burn and turn red. It didn't turn red for just a minute or two--it stayed red for hours and my faced felt very hot and itchy for hours. I was so excited to try and buy other new products from this line, but this one is going back.

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  • Tacky, (mmmarvelous MT)

    Very sticky. Too harsh for my sensitive skin

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  • item delivered to wrong address, (conzel IN)

    unable to write a review because the post office delivered to the incorrectaddress and was unable to get product back from the person delivered to this is the third time this has happened out over 200.00 now

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