Beekman 1802 Holiday Goat Milk Face Wipes 6-Piece Set

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  • Allergic reaction - very uncommon for me, (aristotle_018 NY)

    I just began using these one week ago. Fresh definitely gave me an allergic reaction. I used them on my cheeks and eye area (not forehead). But for these wipes, my skincare routine was exactly the same. The areas effected were red and eyes required ice and drops. My skin NEVER reacts to products or wipes. After reviewing the ingredients, I was shocked to learn how unnatural this brand really is. Wow! Ladies, beware, please!

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  • Great wipes but a litte strong for me, (Lexilady VA)

    These are great wipes and they smell AMAZING, however I did notice that my face may be a little sensitive to both the texture (a little rough) of the clothes and the moisturizing solution. I love the fact that the wipes maintain their moisturization so well and do not seem to dry out very fast, particularly if the pull tab flap is securely back over the opening. I have given these as gifts and the recipients have always liked them.

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  • Hard to close after use, (Mojocat KS)

    The cloths are thick but the sticker on the front does not stay in place so these dry out too easily. I prefer the packs of 100 that have the snap closure.

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  • great set, (sweetpea777 UT)

    I love this set you get to try a lot of different fragrances this way. Take my make up of nicely , really nice scents

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  • Great wipes, (jmcw1 OH)

    I purchased these as well as the hand cream to gift at Christmas. I matched the scents, and let my children pick the scent they prefer. They seem to look forward to receiving them.

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  • Wipes, (Eaglestorm IN)

    Gave as A Gift.

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  • Barely moist, (Ozzeke NV)

    These wipes smell great, but thats where it ends. They are slightly moist unlike what is displayed during tv presentation; nor do they remove makeup wellespecially eye makeup.

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  • NOT FOR ME, (GlamMa7755 MD)

    I tried the Goat Milk Face Wipes for several days. I don't like the way they make my face feel when using them to remove my makeup. For me, they leave my face feeling rough. Will be returning. I will still recommend the wipes. They might work for others.

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  • Beekman 1802 Holiday Goat Milk Wipes 6-piece set, (CEng6 NY)

    Unscented is still my favorite and "Fresh Air" seems like my next favorite and not be sensitive to my skin...the rest given away as gifts.

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  • Just OK, (NEWARK CA)

    It doesnt drip liquid like it showed on TV. Feel kind of ripped off. Also it doesnt take off all my makeup like it is suppose to do. Embarrassed to give as a gift.

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  • Love these wipes, (angie0215 CT)

    These are really nicely scented wipes not too strong of a scent.I feel comfortable using these because I know there isn't any harsh chemicals or perfumes added to them to irritate the skin. Also, they have a bit of a texture that helps to clean the skin without any roughness. They just work.

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  • Fabulous, (Ugb CT)

    These are GREAT and I use them for much more than removing make-up! All the scents smell wonderful and even the "non~scented" plain goat milk is pleasant...LOVE THESE WIPES

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  • Perfect as always, (shade1 WA)

    I can't be without the wipes. Great selection of scents. Some will be gifts.

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  • Keep them coming, (NYRicanFL FL)

    Great price and assortment. Cleans and refreshes without stripping the skin. As a trial effort, I gave the lavender scent to my friend and she loved them.

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  • These wipes are awesome!, (Begonia3121 TN)

    I love everything about these facial wipes, how well they clean, their size, and being able to sample the various fragrances.

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