Beekman 1802 Happy Place Sweet Grass Laundry Soap- 150 Load Auto-Ship®

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  • great product, (bubby1236 MD)

    I love Beekmans and when I received my soap I was surprised it didn't have a scooper. Do you think you could provide a scooper for my auto ship to come. thank you

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  • My towels are noticeably softer! Great results , (ziggyz AL)

    Ive been using this laundry soap for well over a year. The results that two little scoops can make are amazing. Even though they say to use one scoop, Ive always used two. My clothes, even old bath towels, come out softer and cleaner. I no longer use fabric softener on anything and I couldnt be more pleased with the results. Ill never go back to a store brand. One bag lasts forever. Give it a try.

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  • Convenient, (littlejo890 NC)

    I like the Beekman laundry soap. It cleans well and has a nice light scent. My favorite thing about this soap is that it is convenient and doesn't take up much space like some other laundry detergent. I've been buying it for awhile now and plan to keep using it as long as it's affordable. HSN offers coupons on a regular basis which helps keep the cost down, too, and I truly appreciate that! Plus, it's usually free shipping. Can't beat that! I do think it is gentler on clothes, too.

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  • Love This!, (JanetF1957 CA)

    My favorite laundry soap because it washes well. I prefer the Pure unscented. I order it regularly.

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  • Great Laundry Soap, (karen32762 IL)

    This laundry soap is a great product. I like that it's made with goat milk and that it doesn't make me itch. I use the pure.

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  • Amazing results! , (bestofcherie TN)

    I am always looking at ingredients in products to purchase as "clean" products. I typically use a Pure Essential Oil company products, but I wanted to give Beekman a try. I gave this a try, I just love how clean it gets our clothes. My husband's work polo's always have deodorant spots. My husband prefers to buy the cheap chemical based detergents. So, I got frustrated and let him use that stuff on his clothes. They didn't get clean. I rewashed with Beekamn, and they they were clean.

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  • teacher4, (FM11 CA)

    Love this laundry soap

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  • Obillo, (Obillo TX)

    I am never without this product, the best , have used for about two years

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  • Sweet Grass Laundry Soap, (MzRed2021 LA)

    Great product. Clothes are clean without heavy perfume scent. Does not cause itching and rash as some detergents do. Very satisfied with this product.

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  • LOVE Happy Place Laundry Soap, (LJL3 CA)

    Only laundry soap I will and do use. Cleans clothes safely, completely without leaving any residue! Works well in all temperate settings. Used to use Nellie's however the formula or processing changed and no longer worked for me. Love the Sweet Grass scent. Powder is easier to transport and why pay for water in s formula? Give it a try believe you will be very happy you did and there is no risk to you. Thanks guys!

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  • Best, (deutch CA)

    Our entire family loves Beekman's laundry soap. It cleans like no one else's business and very gentle. We use on our new born grand baby's laundry too. I am on auto-ship. I will never run low on it. Highly recommend.

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  • Clean , (ksangel PA)

    I love this Beekman product. Will never be without it. It's natural clean laundry soap and my clothes are softer and stay true to color when I use this product. Love it

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  • Best Laundry detergent , (FrugalRose OH)

    I have used this detergent for a couple years now. I have very sensitive skin and can't tolerate allot of brands. This detergent works so well, doesn't irritate my skin. It's pricey but lasts a long time. It's worth it. A little really goes along way and cleans your clothing amazingly well. The scent is great. I've tried several different scents and liked them all. I highly recommend this brand as well as their other products.

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  • Products you can trust, (Flygirl91 WI)

    I exclusively use Beekman 1802-Happy Place Laundry products for years. I got it when your first order came in a small paint can with a handle. My can is getting a little tired and I could use a new one. Please come out with the pail with handle again. It is so handy.Love the Citrus scent, but it always is sold out in most products. Please send us more. Thanks guys and goats

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  • Laundry Day., (Wisconsin600685 IL)

    We do lots of laundry. You only need a little bit of soap per load, this bag has lasted about 90 days. Love the smell, so clean and fresh. So glad I got auto ship. No more trips to the store. I will continue to purchase this product.

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