Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Walking on Clouds Heel Polish

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  • Super Happy Feet, (mirrormirror2 CA)

    Ive always had feet issues! When a friend gifted me this, it was love at 1st sight. Happy feet. I use this daily in the shower with a bigger pumice stone to help remove calluses etc Then lotion up add socks to help penetrate the lotion deep into the skin. Your feet work hard worth the pampering after a long day!

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  • What A Mess!, (javierc65 CA)

    I used this a few times & found that I was wasting the product at every use, the polish squirts out as I use the pumice stone, it was a mess! The product needs a more thought out container, maybe a twist on/off neck by the stone area & a larger stone...

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  • Awkward, (Diva803 NY)

    I prefer a polish that has exfoliating grains in them rather than a pumice stone on top of the polish.

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  • Chris, (chris09 NJ)

    Gave it 2 stars because it smell nice other than that the so called callous remover is small and fell off first use. Overpriced

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  • Not impressed, (kw35 NJ)

    The gel is ok. Goes on and rubs in smoothly. I do not like the little round pumice stone on the top. It serves no purpose. Difficult to use and not effective. Used a few time and havent seen any noticeable difference. Expensive

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  • Will Not Reorder, (PMV50 IL)

    This product did not work for me. It did not soften my feet. The stone is too small and the product is too messy when trying to use it.

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  • Messy, (1Rocky35 OH)

    Purchased this and unfortunately waited to long to return. It's very messy,the cream comes oozing out wasting most of it. My feet even with socks were very slippery a little softer but not worth it.

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  • Love it!, (Muggle1973 CO)

    Easy to use. Love the built in pumice on the nozzle. Just be careful when scrubbing the rough parts of the foot that you arent squeezing the tube because you are wasting the product and the gel escapes out.

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  • Works as advertised , (firemanjoe NY)

    Been using approximately a week. My heels have softened considerably in that time. No longer can I break rocks with them. Cant wait to see how it works long term.

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  • The name says it all, (cindygirl8710 FL)

    LOVE the product! Have always had dry cracked heels and used a pumice stone almost daily. Used this once and it has been a week and my heels are still soft. My only complaint is that it was on sale 2 for $38 one day and I missed it so ordered the 1 tube for $30 and the next day the 2 for $38 was back!

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