Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Smooth Whipped Body Cream w/ Lactic Acid

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  • VERY GREAT!!, (charley22 NC)

    As a user of the Pure Body Cream I didn't think it could be beat....but, this ceramide cream could be a teeny bit better!!!! Still no fragrance and goat milk pure but w/the added ceramidesit is just wonderful!!

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  • My hands love this!, (dikesf MS)

    This cream is amazing! It really helps the eczema on my hands! It is a miracle!

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  • WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE, (tippit38 PA)

    My skin drinks in this ceramide cream and it is so soft and smooth. I did buy the offer of the 2 bars of soap with the ceramide cream. Then I wanted to make sure I would not run out of the product,so I ordered another jar of just the cream. Goat milk is very nourishing, softening and just plain great.

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  • Great product, (pirategirl6 NV)

    Love the Beekman 1802 body creams. use the scented and gold one. Both are great. Live in a dry desert location so I am using this one for the summer months.feels great and never greasy but does the job!

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  • Brightens!, (Edwyna MA)

    Excellent coconut oil cream that actually produces visible "brightening" of skin surface with consistent use. Goat milk is not a primary ingredient (appearing 19th on the list of ingredients), though Amla Berry is listed at 9th. On-air the "boys" suggested use as a facial night cream, but I found it too thick and dense for use on the face even at night. Wish I'd purchased the duo, but will buy this product again because I like the way it makes my skin look.

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  • Acceptable Coconut Oil Ceramide Cream, (Edwyna MA)

    Acceptable moisturizing cream. Primary ingredient is coconut oil--not goat milk, which appears at #17 in the list of ingredients, followed by three different "ceramides" (18,19,20). Not clear why a product with so little goat milk is labeled "goat milk cream", which is misleading. A competitor (CeraVe) provides similar or better effectiveness at a fraction of the price. This is "okay", but not more than that and not worth the cost.

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  • :( :( :(, (csis CA)

    I bought this on sale for 14.95 for one jar and received it today. It has an Awful Musty Smell! It could be old stock, maybe? Back it goes! However, I do love this product. The other creams, soaps and wipes and will continue to purchase.

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  • Burns, (MEMEMAY KS)

    I purchase 2 of these because I had bought other product of Beekman and no problems but this burns I had to take a shower about 10 minutes after applying, will be sending back. I do not know why this happened???

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