Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Shampoo

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  • Supersize Please, (linland CO)

    I Love this shampoo but you only sell the supersize version with the conditioner. I go through more shampoo than conditioner. Could you please just sell the supersize shampoo by itself? Or even in a 2 pack. Just the shampoo please. By the way my husband is using it too which might account for it going faster!

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  • Not for me!, (mrtuc AR)

    I love Beekman s but not this shampoo. Leaves my hair not feeling clean. It does help my scalp. But my hair looks dull and dirty overnight

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  • Full of synthetic junk, (JeanieB123 PA)

    it smells nice but contains artificial fragrance. I was surprised at the number of synthetic /chemical ingredients for a product that purports to be so natural. When I read the ingredients, I returned it.

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  • Great scent, (Quenx NY)

    Fabulous scent makes hair squeaky clean and what a shine. Love it.

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  • Love Beekman!, (RoccoMom AZ)

    I became a fan of Beekman body cream and now their shampoo. since moving to AZ hard to find a good shampoo with the harder water, but Beekman does the job!

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  • Goat milk shampoo, (cyonkers OH)

    Goat milk shampoo. Good product. I have seen a difference in just 7 days.Having very thick hair and the shampoo calms my hair. Very easy to manage. Bouncy. Soft.I would purchase AGAIN.

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  • Soothing and lovely smelling!, (cidcrackcorn CA)

    I had a lot of trouble with my scalp after cancer treatment. This goat milk shampoo has been such a blessing to my dry itchy scalp! My hair is coming back beautifully and this shampoo makes it feel great! Love you Beekman boys!

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  • Makes hair nice but..., (CHANTRAINE AL)

    Allergic to something in this. I thought it would be ok with it being scent free but still made my head and nose itchy no matter how many allergy pills I took!

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  • Awesome!!!, (BlackBeltShop884 RI)

    I love Beekman 1802 and this shampoo smells so good it really does wake you up in the morning... Im so glad i orded 3 bottles might go back for more...

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  • Great product, (numo WI)

    The Beeman 1802 Honey & Orange Blossom Goat Milk Shampoo works great on my hair. My hair feels wonderful after using this product. I also use the Beeman conditioner. I would recommend both.

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  • Amazing shampoo!!, (raptureready MD)

    Love this shampoo!! A little goes a long way, and I love the light, clean fragrance!!

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  • Husband requested, (marge4064 MI)

    My husband has watched the Beekman boys with me and recently started having an itchy scalp and hair issues. Asked me to order some Beekman shampoo and we're very happy. No more itching or discomfort

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  • Home Run, (WyobraskaGal NE)

    Beekman hits it out of the park again. Love this shampoo. Leaves my hair feeling so soft. Dont have to use very much as it lathers up wonderfully. Give it a try! Definitely worth the money. FYII dont use conditioner after it. The shampoo is all thats needed.

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  • Wonderful shampoo, (gottimama MO)

    I Love Beekman products and am never disappointed. I needed a quality moisturizing shampoo to alternate with my Perlier honey shampoo and decided to give this one a try after reading all the great reviews. I'm also giving it a great review. I alternate it with my other shampoo and it leaves my hair soft, shiny and easy to manage with lots of volume. Another winner for the boys at Beekman!

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  • Great for dry scalp!, (BethFl FL)

    I have been wanting to order this for some time now. I finally did. I have dry scalp and it takes away all of that. I loe it and highly recommend it for scalp issues.

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