Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Hand Cream

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  • Too Rosy for me, (Punch53 CA)

    I love the hand creams, but not this one. The fragrance is too strong for me even after drying my hands. Hand to use my Pure hand and body wash to get rid of the odor.

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  • Not good, (samr14 CA)

    Its not moist enough. Within few mins my hands are extremely dry.

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  • Kills Me to Leave 2 star rating!, (KKINAZ60 AZ)

    Firstly I've been with Beekman since inception. Truly a wonderful company with high values and products. Love the Boys. The hand cream in tubes of Vanilla absolute is just terrible Guys. Only a faint vanilla smell and a darker colored. Seriously tou can't smell it. Perhaps old stock. Back to HSN.

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  • Watery lotion, no cream, (Loveyz CA)

    What a shame. This is a watery cream and not a lotion. Little scent. Will not buy again. Any drugstore would be the same.

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  • Not what I was expecting, (Disappointed163 CA)

    First I'll note. I have used this specific hand cream before. Not just the brand but the scent as well.I noticed right away the scent wasn't as strong as before but worst, the feel of the cream itself was totally different. It was not as thick as before. It felt "watered down" and considering the scent wasn't as strong, I feel it was a bad batch. Very disappointed.

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  • Bad, strong smell, (Melissa1987 MO)

    This smell is way too strong. I could not get the smell off my hands after multiple hand washes. The scent is not for me. The softness of my hands however was impressive after using it.

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  • Not what I expected, (RANDYSUE CA)

    I expected this to have a light scent of Vanilla. Instead it has a strong medicinal smell that I don't like. It feels good on the hands, but I would never buy it again. I should have returned it.

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  • Disappointed, (Noellinn SC)

    Sorry, don't like on my skin. . will sen back.

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  • Weak smell that doesn't last long , (CT60 IL)

    I have purchased a ton of Beekman products. I do not like the smell of this one and will be returning it. Its a weak smell and not to my liking

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  • One came half full, (PEACEBWU MI)

    I like the cream but was disappointed a lot of air in tube, maybe half full. This is the second one so I already used the first. I did not feel it worth my while to send back.It's okay if you get on sale.

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  • Good Product, (CTBK MI)

    Yes good product but do not like the smell at all..therefore it will just sit..good I send back and get the unscented ones ?

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  • No vanilla smell at all, (Rin TX)

    I am a fan of The Goat milk products and I really wanted a nice vanilla hand cream. The cream itself is just ok...thus the 2 stars; but no vanilla smell. Not a bit.

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  • Disappointed, (thepinks1 CA)

    If you are looking for a nice, thick, pleasantly fragrance hand cream...then move along. It is not this. I purchased the Arcadia fragrance, based on description. It just smells like any old lotion that has been sitting in a drawer. Does not smell good. The consistency isn't thick or creamy. Its just not super high quality, which I expected for the price. I love the Beekman guys, and their story and the goats are adorable...but this is a miss.

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  • Citronella, (rediculous PA)

    It has has the great typical Beekman properties that is why I gave it the 2 . But it could just be me, after reading the description I was expecting the earthy masculine scent like the others I have bought before. This smelled like citronella as soon as I opened it. I'm trying to use it as quickly as possible to get rid of it. I almost gag when I smell it. Others have smelled it but don't mind it as I do. So ....

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  • Disappointed , (Priya12 CT)

    Sadly, this Arcadia Hand cream smells nothing like the soap (Arcadia) that I absolutely love! What happened boys???

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