Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Apple Cider Hair Rinse with Jumbo Refill

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  • It works!!!, (Jannie5511 CA)

    I've been using the Beekman 1802 Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse for several months now. l love it! My scalp feels so clean and my hair is soft. Any vinegar odor goes away almost immediately. I could see the oils and whatever coming out when I rinse my hair. I highly recommend this product.

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  • Scalp Relief, (may100 NC)

    I have a scalp condition and this rinse is soothing and makes my hair soft. I use twice a week and can tell a difference in my hair. Beekman Head to Toe!

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  • Apple Cider Hair Rinse, (puppy714 IL)

    This product has made my hair feel good again. I feel like I have a clean scalp and my hair is squeaky clean. I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants better hair and scalp. It has a five star rating.

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    The Goat Milk Apple Cider Hair Rinse, made my hair go from dull, dry, and out of controll, to sleek, soft, and shiny! Plus my itchy scalp is gone now too! I finally Love my hair again!

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  • Love this, (shade1 WA)

    Thanks for the big size refill! When I first ordered this hair rinse it was just the regular size duo. I waited to order the rinse because I was wondering if my hair would smell like vinegar and not have any volume. As soon as you rinse it out the slight smell of vinegar and herbs is gone. The volume of my hair is as good as it is with the shampoo and is so silky and shiny.

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  • Hair Maintenance, (dre0167 AR)

    Made a big difference even after only a couple of uses. Is great for once a week hair treatment after a week of normal shampoo/conditioning

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  • WOW!!!!!, (shellsbells72 CT)

    I tried out the hair foam and went overboard so I knew I'd need to cleanse my hair the next day, instead I figured I'd give this a go instead.To really see what this could do I tried out my new scalp tonic(WEN) and applied that liberally.Normally I'd cleanse my hair twice to get rid of all that product. Applied this rinse to my hair and followed the took care of all that product.Added a dab of conditioner because it felt a little tangled.SO HAPPY with this product

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  • Excellent natural product!, (Fernleaf VA)

    My daughter and I love this product and always have it available. As a prior everyday hair washer, I now use this every other day. It makes my hair manageable and clean. The Apple Cider Hair Rinse along with Beekman Shampoo and Conditioner make my grey hair shiny and healthy looking. It really does condition my scalp. It is nice that we nowcan get this product in bulk. Thanks again Beekman Boys for making your products safe for us!

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  • Cleans and rinses great combo, (MacieAnn CA)

    Cleans and rinses, too. Hair brushed out easily no knots. Before I made my own rinse with just apple cider vinegar and water and put it in my conditioner or wet hair, But it doesnt clean hair. This truly allows me to avoid over shampooing because it cleans Between shampoos, love the ingredients!

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  • Excellent hair and scalp cleanser, (Annie1212 MA)

    This cleanser is for you if you use product in your hair and need to shampoo more often. It cleans without stripping. It leaves your hair with lots of volume. You just need to add a little conditioner on the ends, and you are all set. I use it between every shampoo and have very fine hair. My scalp is so clean now my hairdresser said I have new hair growth. They dont tout this hair cleanser as being a hair growth product, but try it if you have recently thinning hair.

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  • Improved Classic, (skb0425 CA)

    Rinsing with apple cider vinegar is not new, but B1802 has made this centuries old practice better. With the addition of goat milk to help nourish my scalp, I love my 2nd and 3rd day hair.

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  • So unique!, (SherriCha CO)

    This product resets your hair back to what it should be, removes build up you dont know you have! Leaves hair so soft and beautifully saves a shampoo day.. or two! Love this stuff!!

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  • Works as stated, (Rozlyn CT)

    I had my doubts about this, as the only other product I had used that did not lather was Wens, and it was not very good for my hair type (fine, curly). In fact, my hairdresser of many years advised me to stop using it. This did what it promised; clean, shiny hair with my curls intact. No more doubts, I will continue to use as directed. I actually apply it prior to getting in the shower, then rinse it in the shower. I do apply a separate conditioner to the ends of my hair, for extra moisture.

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  • Dry hair, (Sherwood92 FL)

    My hair is dry like straw. I cant even get a comb through it. First Beekman product that did not work for me.

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  • Awful, (Loretta1106 NY)

    Not a pleasant smell and made hair dry and fly away.

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