Beekman 1802 Fresh Air Goat Milk Hand Cream Duo

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  • Smell too strong , (Mom27451 MI)

    I have tried a couple of their fragrances and was very disappointed because of the strong scents.I had to wash my hands trying to remove the fragrance because it was actually choking me.Plus it interferes with personal perfume. Even the softer scents are questionable.

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  • Smells Great., (Tess527 MI)

    That is about all I can say about this hand cream. My hands do not feel moisturized or soft after applying. The scent is very nice.

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  • Runny and not Moisturizing , (goldielxs MI)

    I bought this for different family members that have used Beekman for years. They were very disappointed in the formula, seems it has changed was runny and not moisturizing. Not what they were used to with BM, sending it all back. Hope they fix the formulation lot of disappointed family this holiday!

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  • Not very moisturizing or very pure, (aiinct CT)

    Ordered this in unscented. This is a very light moisturizer. You have to repeat several times during day. The body cream works better on hands. Love Beekman soaps but the moisturizers are a miss for me and where's the purity?

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  • Smell, (Crickett49 OR)

    I fell bad. Did not like the smell at all. Nearly made us all freak out at how just holding the pkg the smell was so strong. Should have sent it back before it was to late. But Christmas and babies make time go by so fast.

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  • Bad Scent, (Bueller1973 GA)

    Having used Beekman 1802 products for a couple of years I can say I do love the lotion and the best scents are Fresh Air, Ylang Ylang and Tuberose, Vanilla Absolute and Orange Blossom. Unfortunately, the Honeyed-Grapefruit scent is just awful. I can recommend the lotion but I would stay away from Honeyed-Grapefruit.

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  • Too Strong of a scent, (JoanB55 AZ)

    The smell was overwhelming...Had to send it back...

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  • Too strong, Yuck, (pepdan RI)

    Someone was way off with the "nose test" on this scent, also gave me a instant headache. Sending back!!

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  • Poor Shipping, (TBird944 TX)

    How can I review when I haven't even received it.

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  • Not for me!, (Kiragirl NY)

    I ordered this hand cream duo in the Yang Ylang Tuberose scent. First, I was surprised how thin the lotion was, I was expecting it to be thicker. I also didnt find it to be very moisturizing. The scent was terrible, tried it last night and instantly thought, it smelled like something my grandma would use. Five min later my daughter walked in and said, whats that smell?It smells like old people in here!..Back it goes!

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  • Not a winner for me, (KathieS GA)

    I love the hand cream usually, but this scent gave me an instant headache. I will be returning the item. (Sweet Grass and Fresh Air are my favorites and would highly recommend them).

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  • Stinks, (MARJI NC)

    Sorry, love most beekman items, but the smell of this is awful. It made me sick. To me it smells like a litter box. I love fig leaf. Will stick with that. Some might love this, but not me.

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  • Returned. Overpowering, fake scent., (NEjewelrylover PA)

    I'm a Beekman early adopter from way back on Evine, and I loved this forest scent when it debuted last year. I could swear that they've changed the formula, though. This year, this scent is overpowering and fake, like Pine-Sol. (Hate to say it). The hand cream itself is great. Not greasy -- you put it on, and a minute later, you can pick up paper without leaving greasy stains on it. It's great stuff. Just not this scent.

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  • scent yuck, (CLZ101 TN)

    Horrible scent. Returned immediately replaced with unscented. Ylang ylang definitely not for me.

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  • Not for me, (EZZIECAT CA)

    I love Beekman products. But this one is not for me. Just a personal preference. I did not care for the scent.

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