Beekman 1802 Fresh Air Goat Milk Hand Cream Duo

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  • NFMFLshopper, (sunnieshopper FL)

    HR came to my desk and told me the scent is too strong for work.

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  • Awful , (gogo1949 NC)

    Dislike because of the smell. It smells like kerosene and I refuse to use it.

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  • Disappointing For Sure, (susie5343 IN)

    First of all this hand cream smells nothing like vanilla. I don't know what to even say about the scent, but not vanilla. It was sort of runny and did not moisturize as I thought it should. Returning and will not buy again. Really disappointed in Beekman products. I have returned all that I have ordered.

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  • Watery and Oily, (tenderlovingcare ID)

    I'm returning this and another duo in a different scent. Expected something with the consistency of the hand lotion in the caddy with the hand wash but this was very thin and runny.

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  • Very Disatisfied, (disatisfied MO)

    Very very unhappy - I made original purchase of product for a single buy not autoship.Somehow??? I was put on autoship and told I would have to pay for return of product I did not order.Very unhappy with this unethical business process. Wont be ordering any beekman product again.Thank goodness for AMAZON where they treat people fairly. Might buy soap if switched to Amazon.

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  • Expectations, (LIAGRM FL)

    Listened to many presentations! OK time to order-not emollient, non absorbent , no smoothing effect whatsoever! In other words,too costly to return.

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  • Drying, (sandy7188 OH)

    This product does not live up to its claim. It does feel nice going on and not greasy but, it did not soften my hands. As a matter of fact they are dryer because I stopped using the hand cream I had. Not worth the money

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  • Horrible, (jennielynn2 NY)

    Horrible hand cream. Had to keep putting it on. Bad quality.

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  • Disappointed , (Rcvn OH)

    After reading your reviews and watching you several times on the television I decided to order your product in January I was very disappointed with this hand cream has little or no smell doesnt absorb quickly and seems to be a little bit thin than thick as you showed on your presentation

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  • Beekman 1802 Apricot Honey hand cream, (smithandjones198 TX)

    As with the Fig that I returned the fragrance was not pleasing to me.I returned this order also.

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  • No scent!!, (Sisters777 MO)

    Too watery. This one must have skipped the scent on the assembly line.

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  • Heavy scented, (ZOLTAK21 OK)

    Does not moisturize, feels good on application but then really dries my hands out, Im a nurse wash hands and use sanitizers constantly also is very heavy scented

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  • Smell too strong , (Mom27451 MI)

    I have tried a couple of their fragrances and was very disappointed because of the strong scents.I had to wash my hands trying to remove the fragrance because it was actually choking me.Plus it interferes with personal perfume. Even the softer scents are questionable.

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  • Smells Great., (Tess527 MI)

    That is about all I can say about this hand cream. My hands do not feel moisturized or soft after applying. The scent is very nice.

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  • Runny and not Moisturizing , (goldielxs MI)

    I bought this for different family members that have used Beekman for years. They were very disappointed in the formula, seems it has changed was runny and not moisturizing. Not what they were used to with BM, sending it all back. Hope they fix the formulation lot of disappointed family this holiday!

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