Beekman 1802 Fresh Air Goat Milk 5-piece Collection

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  • Son loves, (nekqua SC)

    One of first purchases in Dec for my college son and he absolutely loved it felt, noticed a difference in his skin. He really likes the lotion.....he stated friends asked about product and the girls(friends) new about goat milk soap and was amazed/surprised he was using it and always compliment him on the way he smells. So now I will be putting him on auto-ship for products. Lol

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  • 5 star for sure, (deal3 NY)

    This Beckman 1802 is so great. My skin is so nice and soft now. They are all full size's and the soap is so big 9oz. It is so bubbly and soapy. It lathers so much. I got the fresh air and it smells soooo very nice. The entire gift set was worth the price. I would definitely buy it again. Those guys are the best and they tell it like it is. Thanks Beckman guys. I love it so much.

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  • Heavenly, (YAYA895 MI)

    Excellent products, nice fragrance, leaves no film on your body. Very moisturizing. I will be back for more Beekman 1802

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  • Great products, (Lilliankale FL)

    Love these Beekman products. The soap is huge and will last forever , the lipbalm is my new favorite lipbalm and the soap/lotion/cream are very nice and fit the brand. I bought Beekman for myself this Christmas and for family members. Everyone who tried the products fell in love. The scent for this one, : lemongrass, lemonade mixed with some type of sweet note that reminds me of pepto bismol in a good way. This is the scent they say is in their hotel soaps. It is unisex. Great buy!

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  • Amazing, (gagemini GA)

    I ordered this and have shared with my daughter. Today I asked her how she liked it. Her face lit up and her eyes sparkled. She took her hand and went over every inch of her face beaming. She said I can now go out in public without makeup. I am so glad I ordered it. I have also ordered the wipes to share

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  • Super sensitive skin gal loves Beekman, (SnookNBubba PA)

    I have super sensitive skin and not only do the Fresh Air soaps & lotions/creams not irritate my skin, but they make it feel better. Been using for 2+ months. Love the very light scent. Will definitely buy again.

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  • Life changing!!, (vintaqe FL)

    I found Beekman while at a hotel 2 months ago. I HATE bar soap but I tried it & INSTANTLY fell in love! I have been using it exclusively ever since! The travel sized soap bar alone has lasted me since the hotel! I bought the set and a set for my sister. My skin has never felt more soft in my life! I even use it to shave with and my hair doesnt grow back as quick. I am just shocked. The lotion is like butter and melts into your skin! I am disappointed theyre getting rid of fresh air scent. :(

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  • NICE DEAL, (Bigfella1 PA)

    LOVE IT!!!

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  • AWESOME. , (Cricket22569 NC)

    I really love this product. Will reorder before I run out

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  • Love, Love, Love Beekman, (Bama22 AL)

    I love, love, love Beekman products. The hand cream is my absolute favorite. Not greasy at all. It soaks into your skin and makes your skin feel so soft. This is my first time to try the Fresh Air Scent and I love it. The bar of soap is wonderful to bathe with. It leaves you clean without that dry, tight feeling you get with most soaps. I gave Beekman products as gifts to friends and family. Everyone loves Beekman.

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  • Great Product, (ShoppinandBoppin NY)

    Great product. The hand lotion and body lotion makes your skin feel very soft , the lip balm is the best Ive ever used and the soap makes you feel squeaky clean with no harsh chemicals. I will definitely buy it again

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  • Gift, (hydragirl FL)

    This is a gift, but I am sure it will be a hit.

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  • Fresh as Air, (SissyBeer2 TX)

    Great scent..

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  • My skin is so soft , (corpus45 TX)

    I was impressed with this product especially because of my post radiation skin. I have never used a product like this, my skin feels new again. Its so soft and smooth and the smell is so fresh

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  • My obsession..fresh air, (pepper3218 OH)

    I am a beekman girl from head to toe. This is my favorite scent, because it is so fresh and clean. The products are amazing. The lotion soaks right in with no greasiness. I have 2 sets of this and also found gallon sizes of fresh air in the shower gel, hand wash and shampoo and conditioner. I can't get enough of this I invigorating scent.

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